16E1 to 4Ethernet Convergence Protocol Converter

16E1 to 4Ethernet Convergence Protocol Converter

Product description:

BD-16E1-4ETH-CON is 16E1 to 4 ethernet convergence protocol converter, which is multi-E1 convergency type bridge communication equipement. The device can be used as 16E1 to 4FE access gateway.The convergence converter¡¡$s bandwidth can be divided into 1~16channels according to user¡¡$s requirement. One or multi-E1 lines are divided into one channel which carries the Ethernet data transparently. This device supports 16 channels E1 and 4ethernet multiplexing, realizing the interconnection between E1 and GFP Ethernet. Back LCAS, LAPS, and any 16E1 binding transmission, equipped with ITU-T G. 813 NE timing, VC-12 cross connection and channel protection functions.
The convergency converter can support point to multi-point application (one 16E1 converter can work with 8E1 to Ethernet converter, 4E1 to Ethernet converter and E1 to Ethernet converter) . The device also can be used as point to point application, two 16E1 converter work together.
The device support SNMP management. By the network management, the user can bind any E1 lines and divide them into 1~16channels. The convergency converter is based on unifying network management platform and designed according to ITU-T standard, achieving network resource, device configuration, alarm and performance management.


  • Offer 16 channels E1 service interfaces¡ê»the 16E1 lines can be divided into different channels.
  • Support ITU-T G. 813 net element timing, and automatically realize the shift between serval timing resources;
  • Offer a pair of clock interfaces, and can input 2M clock signal according to your needs;
  • Most 4 channels 10/100Base-Tx interfaces, support GFP/ LAPS encapsulation;
  • Support point to multi-point application and point to point to point application;
  • Support 2 management modes¡êoSNMP network management¡¡éCONSOLE local terminal¡ê»
  • Dual power modules, -48V DC or 220V AC.

E1 Interface
2.048Mb/ s¡¨¤50ppm
ITU-T G. 703
RJ45¡ê¡§120| ¸¡ê©¡ê¬BNC¡ê¡§75| ¸¡ê©
75| ¸/ unbalanced, 120| ¸/ balanced
Compliant with ITU-T G. 823
SNMP Network Management:

Power supply
working voltage range wide, good
anti-disturb and Isolation, work stable
option I ¡§C DC-48V, range DC-36V~DC-72C
option II ¡§C AC220V, range AC165V~AC240V
Power Consumption: (=5 Watts
1U/ 19¡¡à: 483¡ê¡§W¡ê©x 140¡ê¡§L¡ê©x44¡ê¡§H¡ê©mm
environment condition
Operating temperature: -10C~+50 C
Storage temperature: -40 C~+70 C
Relative temperature: 95% (uncondensed)
Application 1: Point to multipoint application; 16E1 converter work with 8E14E1; E1 converter

Application 2: Point to multipoint application, 16E1 converter work with 16units E1 converter
Application 3: Point to point application, two units 16E1 converter