IDC Balun

IDC Balun

Product description:

Baudcom new G. 703/ G. 704 toolless insulating displacement connecting (IDC) module baluns are ideal for carriers seeking a cost-effective, space-efficient, and proven method of impedance matching 75-Ohm coax to 120-Ohm single-conductor connections. The baluns provide transparent bi-directional signal conversion with no AC or battery power required.

Various industry standard types of coaxial connectors (75 Ohm) are available including male and female combinations of BNC, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3, and Type 43. The 3-pole toolless IDC connector used for wrapping single-conductor connections (120 Ohm) utilizes a slit in the cable anchor to allow the cable to be inserted after termination. The toolless IDC connector is also offset so that a cable can be positioned between baluns on the DDF/ patch panel as required. The toolless IDC connector is clearly labeled A, B, and G (Ground) to make installation more convenient.

type43 female IDC balun type43 male IDC balun
BNC female IDC balun BNC male IDC balun
1.6/5.6 female IDC balun 1.6/5.6 male IDC balun
1.0/2.3 female IDC balun 1.0/2.3 male IDC balun

Features & Benefits

  • Convert 75 Ohm Coax to 120 Ohm Twisted Pair-Resolves impedance mis-match between twisted pair equipment and coax cabling
  • Ultra-miniature size-Provides maximum density when installed into a 19-inch (48.3cm) panel
  • Industry Standard Coax Connectors-A host of coax connectors including BNC, 1.6/5.6, 1.0/2.3 and Type 43 are available
  • Low Insertion Loss-Fully meets ITU-T (CTR-12) G. 703 standards
  • No Power Required-Operation is transparent to data, no AC/ DC power is required

order information
BD-IC-12F 1.0/2.3 female IDC Balun
BD-IC-12M 1.0/2.3 male IDC Balun
BD-IC-43M 43 male IDC Balun
BD-IC-43F 43 female IDC Balun
BD-IC-BM BNC male IDC Balun
BD-IC-BF BNC female IDC Balun
BD-IC-15F 1.6/5.6 female IDC Balun
BD-IC-15M 1.6/5.6 male IDC Balun