E1 to Ethernet and RS232 converter | Ethernet and RS232 over E1

E1 to Ethernet and RS232 converter | Ethernet and RS232 over E1

Product description:

E1 to Ethernet and RS232 converter could Plugging directly into the 10/100Base-T port of a hub or LAN switch, the E1 to Ethernet converter provides FE1 access at connection data rates of 2.048 Mbps, or nx64 (n=1 to 32 channels) . The E1 to Ethernet and RS232 converter is an excellent choice for internet access as well as LAN-to-LAN services
Have two row of LED ; one indicate local status; the other indicate remote status
Remote adjustment of velocity for the remote device is available, you can set the velocity of one side, and the velocity of the other side can auto adjust.
Based on FPGA, easy to upgrade
Ethernet port support AUTO- MDIX ( straight line and crossed line adapt) ; the interface of LAN is 10/100M , full/ duplex auto-negotiation
LAN interface support 802.1Q (VLAN) protocol
Provide two clock mode, E1 main clock and E1 line clock
Have three LoopBack Mode: E1 interface LoopBack (ANA) ¡¢LAN interface/ RS232 LoopBack (DIG) ¡¢command the remote LAN interface/ RS232 LoopBack (REM)
E1 port support BNC 75-ohm dual coax and RJ45 120-ohm twisted-pair G. 703 connections provided, support 75ohm/ 120ohm adapt;
Support PBRS test function and it could use as a error code device;
RS232 channel can transfer asynchronous serial data with self-adaptable baud rate of 300 to 19200;
220VAC & -48VDC power options and the positive and negative of DC-48V can be optional because there is the self-test circuit for the polarity inside the device
The temperature requirment is not very strict, the device can be working well under the terrible environment
working temperature: 0~ 50degree
relative humidity: 95% (without coagulation)
No causticity and impregnant gas; no rising dust; no strong magnetic field disturbing

Adapting module power, voltage range can be wide, with strong ant-jamming function .

With good insulation, stable working status is available
power: -48V type, input voltage: -36V~-72V
power: 220V type, input voltage: 165V~265V
power consume: (5W
E1 Interface
Line Rate: N*64K (N=1~31)
Line Code : HDB3
Interface Standard: ITU-T G. 703
E1 Impedance : 75 ohm (unbalance) and 120 ohm (balance) adapt
Connections : dual coax and 120-ohm twisted-pair (RJ45)
Jitter tolerance : fine than G. 742 and G. 823
10/100Base-T Interface
RATE : 10/100M , full/ duplex auto-negotiation
PROTOCOL: Support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
MAC Adderess Entiries: 4096 Entiries
Totol Memory Sizes: 64MBits SDRAM
Connections: Two RJ45
RS232 port
Rate: 300-115.2Kbps auto-adaptable (Asynchronous)
Interface characteristic: satisfies ITU-T V. 24 standard
Connector: RJ45
Mini Type: 210mm (W) x140mm (L) x 30mm (H)
19inch Type: 433 mm (L) X138mm (W) X 44 mm (H)