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Garment export clearance

Garment export clearance
  • Garment export clearance
  • Garment export clearance
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Professional American LDP quote, USA LDP, in recent years, the US textile buyers LDP terms of heat demand continues to heat up. For the seller is responsible for China in terms of both export customs clearance, but also for the US import clearance, many US customers recently asked to FOB Delivery terms to LDP mode of delivery, American customers want to lock their costs, with the most convenient way to carry out their trade transactions, but want to reduce their costs, but also to let the exporter can supply low price, but also to the door, through the clothing LDP to US buyers under a single volume is relatively large.

Excess production capacity. Since 2007, consumer spending foreign trade surplus export scale malpractice began to unravel. 2008 outbreak of the financial tsunami shift global production centers. In India and Vietnam, as a representative of some other countries in Southeast Asia's viability gradually rise . Consumer spending fell in Europe and America in Europe and America has always been the major market for Chinese garment exports, as the impact of the subprime crisis, economic recession, increase unemployment, Europe and greatly reduced power consumption. External appreciation of the yuan, internal devaluation, Chinese labor costs lead to rising raw material prices and other reasons.

Shanghai Xing Lin, relying on strong US Raintree, Raintree Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other Raintree framework, to build more than a decade of American LDP platform. Since its establishment in 2004, Raintree International has established a global logistics company's largest US LDP to provide comprehensive services of international LDP US logistics and transportation services to provide a complete and reliable international air and maritime transport services LDP T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, underwear, sweaters, shirts exports. US LDP services, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Port of Dalian, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other operations can be shipped.

American Apparel LDP way trade turnover, so for them, there are several advantages: 1. Lock costs; 2. Yajian own costs; 3. a third party on behalf of the imported goods; 4. wait for delivery.

Domestic trailer / declaration --- can be delivered to the customers door to our designated warehouse, customs arrangements by the Division I, the normal tax;

--- Division I arrange shipping, the ship, maritime, AMS, 10 + 2 reporting, customers do not need to provide any information;

American dock --- Division I arrange, to declare the import clearance, customers do not need to provide any information;

--- Our US tariff arrangements, import tax package clearance, advance tariff, customers do not need to provide any information;

--- United States Customs clearance rate of 100%;

--- American Division I arrange delivery trucks on standby, punctual delivery to customers designated warehouses;

South China / Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Putian East / Ningbo / Wenzhou / Shanghai / Qingdao can be operated. 100% allow customers to control costs.

American LDP how total cost, the need for specific information, such as: Detailed Name (ingredients, style), the number, container type, destination port addresses (have zip code), so that you can give to your most accurate cost, and can accurately quote the LDP cost per piece. has more than ten years of textile exports to the US LDP, DDP transport experience.

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