Type NJ250 small milling machine factory direct

Type NJ250 small milling machine factory direct

Product description:

Small milling machine is to compensate for the lack of large-scale road milling machine generated; we all know: the large road milling machine for municipal conservation; road maintenance is very effective; also ideal construction tools; but for small-scale or on-site construction of small areas can not do anything; in particular bridge construction; construction parking lots and other venues;; underground garage becomes powerless; and the characteristics of the small road milling machine is: maneuvering; flexible; able to adapt to a variety of small-scale construction work; it can be practical to eliminating the old pavement; road marking cleanup; repair damaged floor; the contamination process; land clearing; bridge deck; deck nap; dislocation leveling; surface elevation beam; and urban elevated; public square; parking; underground garage; abandoned road; airport runway; construction logistics, warehousing and other venues; large plants; industrial housing;
Structural principle: using normal phase cutting works, small milling machine is to rely on the forward high speed milling drum (turret); and thus swinging milling groups of hard tungsten steel alloy blade knife shaft speed percussion drum ground ; the use of tungsten alloy steel alloy knife blade teeth to crush and grind the ground material; thus reach the surface milling treatment effect;
Model preparation: small milling machine milling operations generally stereotyped width; there are 200 currently on the market; 250 and 300 and so on; but generally the most suitable milling width 250mm; for milling width is too wide operation but not flexible; deck or small area in the range of jobs is not easy;
Engine: small milling machines on the power distribution are generally divided into three categories: the gasoline engine powered small milling machines, small milling machines and diesel powered electric motor powered small milling machine; small milling machine configuration model has a gasoline-powered 9HP and 13HP (ie 9 hp and 13 hp); electric power configuration small milling machine models 5.5KW and 7.5KW; diesel powered small milling machine dynamic configuration models 186F (13 hp); but 13HP horsepower and 7.5kw power of small milling machine is most appropriate, because the skill is too small is not conducive to cutting high-grade concrete floor;
Product Features: Model is small; flexible; structural precision; Operations Preparation is simple; can do temporary construction; ready to evacuate; especially suitable liquidity and small-scale operations; also relatively simple structure; easy maintenance; no special maintenance; throughout the year can be construction; subject to seasonal effects;
Currently manufacturers are also many; but uneven production technology; the more mature companies are not many; Nokia Ma'anshan City Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional small milling machine manufacturing enterprises; have your very own research institutions and test base; production NJ250 small milling machine from milling type effect to product performance are unmatched by other similar products!