(Factory direct) eliminating machine | Ground eliminating machine | concrete excluded (Figure)

(Factory direct) eliminating machine | Ground eliminating machine | concrete excluded (Figure)

Product description:

In NJ250 type as the representative type of concrete or concrete floor eliminating planing machine is a light ground handling machine; primarily for new construction or concrete pavement when; left abandoned on the ground surface of the concrete floating pulp removal; on the ground raised part flatten or planing process; and renovation of the old concrete pavement or excluded; to reach a uniform rough surface and design; small aircraft models; simple to operate; easy to use; extensive practical to deck pavement; bridge surface nap; dislocation leveling; old pavement excluded; and for the airport runway; city square; large factory; logistics and warehousing; garage; parking lot construction work concrete floor or other large-scale among small areas;
Device Configuration: NJ250 ground level 7.5KW-4 processor uses a variable speed motor or 13HP horsepower gasoline-powered 390SH, with six arbor, 120 specifications for 60.3X20X6 8 tooth tungsten alloy blades, milling material tooth (blades) of It is made of high quality tungsten steel production; each paid a total of 120 blades; the life of the blade in each pay more than 4000m2; ordinary concrete floor in 6000m2 or more; turret patented quick disassembly design; can be completed in minutes the entire cutter blade installation or removal work (see Annex specific technical parameters table); working width 250mm, suitable for a variety of large, concrete floor milling small-scale, clear, leveling, sanding, buffing treatment.
How it works: the use of forward cutting; the use of tungsten alloy steel alloy blade and the cutting teeth to break ground material; to achieve concrete floor cutting and the effect of eliminating the need;
Product Features: Model is small; body weight; long life; high efficiency; milling per hour; nap; cleaning process concrete area at different strength up to 100-150 meters;
The equipment is simple; its own weight 186kg; construction preparation work is also very simple: the temporary construction, ready to evacuate: especially in winter; no special maintenance; construction subject to seasonal effects; after planing or excluded; uniform surface roughness; after nap After treatment; concrete surface texture clear; neat appearance;