(Factory direct) lamaoji | Concrete lamaoji | Concrete lamaoji (map)

(Factory direct) lamaoji | Concrete lamaoji | Concrete lamaoji (map)

Product description:

NJ250 concrete lamaoji is a multi-functional floor surface treatment equipment Is a major highway bridge; Airport runway; City square; Underground garage; Car park; Large factories; Large logistics warehousing; Gao Tieliang, the solidification of surface layer of concrete ground or napping; Removal of concrete floating on the surface of pulp; Designed to achieve uniform rough surface; The machine can also be applied to a variety of old ground floor treatment before the refurbishment; Removal of damaged ground bulge; Epoxy resin; Anti-slip level; Make a new layer; Bridge can also be milled and dislocation leveling processing; Fully reflect the cost-efficient application; Applicable to all types of concrete engineering construction;
Product features: smaller; Body weight; Long service life; High efficiency; The equipment is simple; Compact and flexible; Low noise; Temporary construction; Time out: in particular in winter is not affected; After the concrete floor after picking; Texture depth of clarity; Surface roughness; Neat appearance; Both can do a non-slip surface; Can also be done for paving; Play a role in strengthening connections; According to pick blades and roughness requirements; Reduced deployment;
Specific parameters:
Model: incised positive rotation mode is used; Vibration-free patented technology; Airframe design and overall quality has reached the international advanced level;
2:6 the long life of the cutter shaft milling drum; High density of cutters; Loaded knife large capacity; Fuxi gear Shaper total 120 tablets; Every blade in the life of 10000m2 above;
3: precision pitch manipulation system using bi-directional adjustment; Easy; Precise control of milling; Pick depth; Flexible operation;
4: with weight 180kg, job characteristics such as vibration-free;
5: equipped with dust interface; Cleaning equipment; Reduce operational air pollution;
6: patented knife quick-change design, can be completed in a matter of minutes the entire cutter Blade Assembly or disassembly;
7: adjustable handle easy to operate; Comfortable operation; Equipped with safety control switch; You can quickly shut down the engine or the power; Safe and reliable;
8: high efficiency, up to 150 square meters per hour;
9: high-end dynamic configuration: 390SH 13HP HP gasoline-powered and 7.5kW-4 variable speed motor-driven and 186F diesel engine is the power of three dynamic configuration options;
Scope of application: may be suitable for a wide range of low; ; The picking process of solidification of concrete floor in high grade;