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NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet

NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet
  • NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet
  • NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet
  • NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet
  • NJ250 small road planing machine factory outlet
Product code: 19689700001
Unit price: 16500 CNY  (2396.17 USD)
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Other info: 18000KG Green
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Small road planing machine is a light ground processing machinery; Named after the small; It is also called alias planing machine Shaving machines; Mainly suitable for old pavement were removed; Pavement marking clean; Repair damaged ground; The contamination; Floor cleaning; Can also be applied to the deck; Deck napping; Dislocation leveling; Beam elevation; As well as elevated; Public square; Car park; Underground garage; Deserted road; Airport runway; Large factories; Industrial/residential; Logistics, warehousing and other small areas or small areas of site construction;
Model: currently the small road planing machine model 200; 250/300 type, etc; But from a milling effect; Milling width too wide operations but not flexible; Jobs are not easy to small area; 250mm milling machine milling width of most appropriate;
Dynamic configuration: on a small road planing machine in power distribution is generally divided into two categories: the gasoline engine and electric Planer milling machines; 13HP gasoline engine 9HP HP horsepower; Electric 5.5kW and 7.5kW motors, but with 13HP engine power and 7.5kW electric type most appropriate; Power cutting too small against the ground;
Working principle: positive phase-cutting principle; Small road planing machine relies on the milling drum is rotated to the high speed; Lashes to milling drum cutter shaft on a few hard tungsten steel alloy blade struck the ground at high speed; Using tungsten steel alloy cutting teeth on the blade to crushing and grinding the surface material; Thus surface milling efficiency
Features: smaller; Flexible; Precise structure; Operation preparation simple; Able to do construction; Withdrawal at any time; In particular liquidity and smaller scale operation; There are relatively simple structure; Easy to maintain; No special maintenance; May construction throughout the year; Not affected by season;
Domestic manufacturers are also a lot; But uneven production technologies; Mature enterprises are few; Ma nuo based road construction machinery limited company is a company specializing in small road planing machine manufacturing enterprises; And experimental bases have their own scientific research institutions; NJ250 road planing machine produced from milling effects to product performance is unmatched by other similar products!
Case study: China railway 24 Bureau Department of Zhenjiang, the Beijing-Shanghai line item; Department of Bengbu railway 24 Bureau Xu He line item; Pukou railway 25 Beijing-Shanghai line project Department; Liyang water 14 Bureau of Nanjing-Hangzhou line project Department; Department of Bengbu railway 19 Xu He line item; 12 Bureau of lanxin railway line project Department; Ministry of railway 12 major West Lanzhou project; Hami, China railway 13 Bureau lanxin line project Department; 16 Bureau of Nanchang in orbit; 16 Bureau of Shanghai-Kunming railway project; 16 Bureau of Nanchang project; Third harbour Bureau in Ning-Jing County line project Department; Cccc second hang Ning qimen line project Department; Railway 14 Bureau of Zhangjiakou in the project; Iron four Bureau of Ningbo city in the project; Five iron in Shanghai-Kunming project; Ji Huai high-speed 35 projects; Zhangjiakou coordinates projects cccc Q2; Rong Wu high-speed xushui project; Changchun airport projects; Gezhouba group project; River-Wuhan Railway Co; Ning an line project Department of Wuhu, China Road and bridge Corporation and so on;