Magnetic card 13770316912

Magnetic card 13770316912

Product description:

Magnetic card; magnetic plastic label card; parts box; supplies cards - Nanjing Kabo warehousing company 13770316912
Magnetic cards, magnetic plastic label --13,770,316,912
Magnetic card -13770316912- This product is made of ABS plastic, widely used in warehouse management agencies, military units, enterprises and institutions. It is on the back of the unique magnetic material, can be directly adsorbed On the shelves, the lower part of the recording library as the amount of the turntable, the specifications are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, etc., size 100 * 88100 * 65125 * 88, etc. can make it directly adsorbed on iron shelves, half part on a card is inserted, the recording material name, size, type, and the lower parts of the turntable display inventory number, turntable positioning, type A, B, C-type, D-type, E-type, F type, G, H-type, K type, E type can directly record storage, a library, inventory, certification for enterprise, upgrade, the first class. The product by force, the electricity sector, power plants, oil refineries, steel plants, paper mills, machinery manufacturing industry, water companies and other units to use to good effect. -025-85235465 8,523,546,313,770,316,912 13062554099-0 25-85235465 / 85235463/1 3770316912/13062554099 / -18,913,936,982