RB 750W high pressure fans | Taiwan Toko annular fan

RB 750W high pressure fans | Taiwan Toko annular fan

Product description:

RB 750W high pressure blower ring blower Dongguan Taiwan East-fan factory direct

Ring blower features:

A. Motor: TEFC IP54F insulated motor (according to the European CE specifications).
B. bearing: between the impeller and the shaft portion of the annular fan; sealed dust-proof design; prevents dust from entering; longer service life
C. Impeller: The impeller Specially modified design, the fuselage of the impeller and the gap range reduction, in operation to prevent dust blocked, and the gap around the surface of the polygon and other similar products, could easily cause obstruction caused by the shortcomings of the annular fan failure different.

Key Features:

1; has a dual function blowing smoke; one machine; you can use suction; you can also use a hair;

2; less oil or oil-free operation; air output is clean;

3; with respect to the medium-pressure centrifugal fan and fan it; the pressure is much higher; often more than ten times the centrifugal fan;

4; the pump is an integral die-casting; and the use of the shock foot installed; NA me the installed base of its requirements is very low; even without fixed foot to normal operation; very convenient; also save installation costs and installation period;

Power: 750W / 1HP

Voltage: 220V / 380v

Pressure: 1600mmH2O

Flow: 2.1m3 / min

Inlet and outlet: 1.5 '

Noise: 78dB

Recommended annular blower series: Fan Guang Dong, Dong Guang blower Taiwan imported, the model is complete:

RB-200A, RB-400A, RB-750A, RB-022, RB-033, RB-055, RB-077, RB-1010, RB-1515, RB-1520.