Supply of blended yarn shield | stainless steel fiber blended acrylic

Supply of blended yarn shield | stainless steel fiber blended acrylic

Product description:

Product Name 316L stainless steel fiber blended yarn shield Composition and content Metal fiber + cotton; hemp; hair; polyester; acrylic
Yarn JC6-40S Strands Custom
The main purpose Knitting; woven; towels; sewing Origin / Manufacturer Shandong
Aliases Metal blended yarn Yarn form Cheese
Twist (twist / 10cm) custom made Spinning Process Ring

Blended yarn shield Introduction

Adopted by a certain amount of stainless steel fibers and chemical fiber, cotton, viscose blended yarn woven into the fabric with effective long-term anti-static effect, is not affected by the work environment, even at low temperatures, dry conditions, the same has excellent anti-static properties, no special requirements for washing conditions, such products can be used for flammable, explosive atmospheres electrostatic protection of human and equipment.

In addition, from 10% -100% stainless steel fiber, chemical fiber, cotton, viscose blended yarn can be woven into anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, shielding rate of 99%, and such fabric also has a light texture, soft, breathable, durable, comfortable, etc., you can use the same general fabric Wash.

Blended in stainless steel fiber content is different, has different uses 0.5-5 antistatic 1. 2. 3. 30-50 10-30 General shielded high-voltage live work clothes 4. 50-100 high barrier

Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation yarn main quality indicators

20% stainless steel content of yarn Case


Design specifications and tolerances


Line density / tex

28* (1±3%)


One hundred meters mass coefficient of variation CV /%



Breaking strength / Cn`tex



Stainless steel content /%

≥20 (1-10%)


Total blackboard Nep impurity / particle `g



Blackboard evenness 10 plate ratio

(Excellent: one: two: three) of not less than

0: 7: 3: 0

0: 10: 0: 0

Conductive yarn (stainless steel fiber blended yarn) were added varying amounts of stainless steel metal fibers, conductive and shielding can be formed anti-electromagnetic radiation and anti-static


Anti-electromagnetic radiation clothing: Computer clothing; shirts; maternity; aprons; shield sweater; hospital special overalls; high-precision electronic instrument factory overalls; conductive overalls; live working clothes; phone protective sleeve; mobile phones Sleep Bag

Metal fiber content: 1% to 100%
Count: Ne 21; 32; 40

Metal fibers twisted by twisting the metal fiber plus a single strand made of twisted fibers or Chief flexible wire having stable resistivity, good heat and electrical conductivity.

1) Anti-static brush 2) high temperature sewing thread 3) signal transmission line 4) conductive transmission line 5) hotline 6) Intelligent clothing stainless steel wire blended yarn technology

Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric City in a novel functional textiles, but currently lack some of shielding fabric wearing comfort and durability after washing function, so the impact of the development and promotion of such products, which prompted us to develop a A more practical anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric yarns - stainless steel fiber yarn I plant after long-term research to address the production of stainless steel fiber blended many technical problems, to explore a more ideal technology route, is now mass market.

, Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric is mainly used for protecting the human body, so that the fabric should have good antistatic and electromagnetic wave reflection data show that domestic and foreign technology, shielding fabric are mainly two: one is the metalized fabric In ordinary chemical fiber or natural fiber fabric coated with a layer of metal, such as nickel, silver, copper, etc., this fabric is washable poor, with the increase in the number of washes, the shielding decline; the other is the use of metal wire mesh woven into the fabric as a three-layer shield, inside and face the common fabric, the middle laminated metal mesh, this fabric can not be washed with water, and heavy. We developed a resistance to washing, light weight, volume Small, low-cost shielding fabric yarn used, we chose stainless steel fibers as shielding material, the fiber is not only in a certain range of the electromagnetic waves reflected outstanding performance, but also to meet the spinning, weaving, sewing, etc. processing requirements. The stainless steel fibers subtle 'soft features and good flexibility, and has good mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and serve us and after repeated experiments, the final selection of 6-8 microns in diameter, steel No. 304 or 316L stainless steel fibers, while taking into account the shielding fabric wearing comfort, strength, re dyeing and other characteristics, we chose the natural fibers of cotton, synthetic fibers of polyester staple fiber and stainless steel fiber composite made of three anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation yarn.

Considering the stainless steel fiber is expensive, should seek balance between cost and effect, through trial and error, we worked out a blending ratio both economical and reliable stainless steel fibers, under normal circumstances is 20% -30%, the shielding efficiency can reach 30- 40dB. Considering the taking of comfort and fabrics crisp, easy to wash, quick drying, easy to dye, and other factors inexpensive polyester staple fiber and cotton ratio of 35% -40%.

Sound design and manufacture of strict quality assurance system, prevention is our service concept. Advanced technology and production, rigorous testing to ensure that the measures, continuous innovation is our eternal pursuit.

Laiwu Long Zhi in the 'sincerity pass, the letter amounted to' business philosophy, wholeheartedly welcome customers to negotiate, buy, or call us.

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