Supply of copper wire composite yarn

Supply of copper wire composite yarn

Product description:

Place of origin Laiwu Blending ratio custom made
The main purpose Spinning Degree of fineness custom made
Powerful custom made Evenness ideal

Long Zhi metal micro-Sichang years dedicated copper wire, composite yarn production, the research and development of products have been domestic and foreign customers fully affirmed.

Metal fiber is a fine metal wire, it is also thinner than a human hair, yet flexible than cotton, and feel better than silk, with miniaturization and flexibility characteristics of metal fiber and its products in the last 20 years developed a new type industrial materials and high-tech, high value-added products. It has fiber, synthetic fiber and its products softness, but also has the metal itself excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics of textile (weaving, twist Line) metal microfilament 30μm-40μm. 50D, 14D-560D and other specifications such as wire, widely abroad weaving and spinning factory.

Main products: Textile copper wire, copper wire composite yarn. The factory production of wire products; include metal filaments; metal wire wool (or nylon, polyester and wool) Composite yarns wire types: 304 -316L stainless steel and gold, high-quality copper wire, copper wire yellow phosphorus. copper.

The so-called refers to copper wire composite yarn and other yarn (cotton, hemp, etc.) After twisting composite made of yarn.

Products are mainly applied to air-jet looms, rapier looms, circular knitting machines, warp knitting machines and other models.

Textile wire specifications:


Copper blended yarn:

JC21s / 1 + 78D copper wire JC40s / 1 + 78D copper JC60s / 2 + 78D copper

JC32s / 1 + 78D copper JC40s / 2 + 78D copper JC80s / 2 + 78D copper

It can also be customized based on customer requirements Special specifications wire, wire diameter composite yarn requirements.

Weaving with, weave cloth at home and abroad in favor of high-end apparel.

As science and technology continues to deepen, new industries are emerging, modern science and technology development and extension of the current copper microwires become great market potential of the emerging industry, as a new generation of technology products, has broad prospects for development.

I plant also can be tailored to customers the right products according to customer demand for products. Welcome inquiry

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