Supply of long copper wire

Supply of long copper wire

Product description:

Metal fiber is a fine metal wire, it is also thinner than a human hair, yet flexible than cotton, and feel better than silk, with miniaturization and flexibility characteristics of metal fiber and its products in the last 20 years developed a new type industrial materials and high-tech, high value-added products. It has fiber, synthetic fiber and its products softness, but also has the metal itself excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics of textile (weaving, twist Line) metal microfilament 35μm-40μm. 0.035mm, 68D, and other 0.03mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm, etc., weaving and spinning mill is widely use at home and abroad.

Copper metal is first processed into 0.030mm-0.25 filaments for spinning, then the wire with a different fiber composition and through a different process to produce a variety of yarn, mainly plied yarn and a variety of wrapped yarn In woven fabric weaving process, the wire warp tension to maintain a uniform, a loom tension warp down opening movement suffered can not be too large or too small, otherwise will cause weaving warp breaks while breaking stainless steel wire easy to wound the other warp causing more through the fabric by different weaving process configuration and shape memory flower-shaped design combined with yarn breakage, can enhance the shape memory effect of the fabric as a different number of warp yarns per inch, patterns and performance shape memory effect is also different;.. worn dent different, can produce a dilute or dense weave in the fabric surface. The main specifications I plant produced wire composite yarn has

JC21s / 1 + 78D wire 50D polyester DTY / 1 + 78D wire

JC32s / 1 + 78D wire 75D polyester DTY / 1 + 78D wire

JC40s / 1 + 78D wire 75D polyester DTY / 2 + 78D wire

JC40s / 2 + 78D 40D wire Kam DTY / 1 + 78D wire

JC60s / 2 + 78D 70D wire Kam DTY / 1 + 78D wire

JC80s / 2 + 78D Wire 70D Jin DTY / 2 + 78D wire

It can also be customized based on customer requirements Special specifications wire, wire diameter composite yarn requirements.

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  • Special yarn
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  • Blended yarn

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