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Supply of textile with metallic fibers

Supply of textile with metallic fibers
  • Supply of textile with metallic fibers
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Anti-static stainless steel wire technology blended yarn, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric City in a novel functional textiles, but currently lack some of shielding fabric wearing comfort and durability after washing function, so the impact of such products development and promotion, which prompted us to develop a more practical anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric yarns - stainless steel fiber blended Long Zhi metal yarn plant after long-term research to address the stainless steel fiber yarn Production of many technical problems, to explore a more ideal technology route, is now mass market., anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric is mainly used for protecting the human body, so that the fabric should have good antistatic and electromagnetic wave . The reflection data show that domestic and foreign technology, shielding fabric are mainly two: one is the metalized fabric, in ordinary chemical fiber or natural fiber fabric coated with a layer of metal, such as nickel, silver, copper, etc., which kinds of fabric washing of the poor, with the increase in the number of washes, the shielding decline; the other is the use of metal wire woven into the fabric of the network as a three-layer shield, inside and face the common fabric, the middle laminated metal mesh This fabric can not be washed with water, and heavy. We developed a resistance to washing, light weight, small size, low price of yarn fabrics used for masking, we chose stainless steel fibers as shielding material, such fibers only within a certain range of electromagnetic waves reflected outstanding performance, but also to meet the spinning, weaving, sewing and other processing requirements. The stainless steel fibers subtle 'soft features and good flexibility, and has good mechanical properties, electrical properties , corrosion resistance, heat resistance and serve us and after repeated experiments, the final selection of 6-8 microns in diameter, steel 304 or 316L stainless steel fibers, while taking into account the shielding fabric wearing comfort, strength, re dyeing and other characteristics , we chose the natural fiber cotton, synthetic fibers of polyester staple fiber and stainless steel fiber composite made three anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation yarn. Considering the stainless steel fiber is expensive, should seek to balance cost and effectiveness, through trial and error, we grope a blending ratio both economical and reliable stainless steel fibers, under normal circumstances is 20% -30%, the shielding efficiency can reach 30-40dB. Considering the taking of comfort and fabrics crisp, easy to wash, quick drying, easy to dye, and other factors inexpensive polyester staple fiber and cotton ratio of 35% -40%.