Supply of metal twisted plied yarn and cotton yarn complex stainless steel and cotton, linen, wool, polyester, Kam twist can be customized Laiwu Long Zhi metal yarn plant Customization

Supply of metal twisted plied yarn and cotton yarn complex stainless steel and cotton, linen, wool, polyester, Kam twist can be customized Laiwu Long Zhi metal yarn plant Customization

Product description:

Product Name Metal twisting metal blended yarn Composition and content Stainless steel wire + cotton wool and nylon twisting and complex
Yarn Customization Strands2
The main purpose Knitting; woven; towels; sewing Origin / Manufacturer Shandong
Aliases Metal composite yarn Yarn form Cheese
Twist (twist / 10cm) 10-200 Spinning Process TWISTED reverse twist machine

I plant the production of stainless steel microfilament masterbatch clothing imported 316L. Yarn diameter of 0.035 mm. Stainless steel wire with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion and oxidation atmosphere thermal stability, etc. Widely used in textile, better shielding, magnetic, in addition to static, radiation protection, and its superior performance, it is widely used in textile, aerospace, military, medical, bio-chemical, modern industry modern civil, petrochemical and other industries, due to the stainless steel wire with a high technological content, and has a broad market prospect.

Metal fiber is a very fine wire; it is thinner than a human hair; also flexible than cotton; feel better than silk; with miniaturization and flexibility characteristics of metal fiber and its products in the last 20 years developed a new type industrial materials and high-tech, high value-added products. It has fiber, synthetic fiber and its products softness, but also has the metal itself excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics of textile (weaving, twist Line) metal microwires 35 μ m-40 μ m. 0.035mm, 68D, and other 0.03mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm, widely used by domestic and foreign spinning and weaving plant.

Stainless steel is first processed into 0. 016 ~ 0. 035 mm filaments for spinning, then the wire with a different fiber composition and through a different process to produce a variety of yarn, mainly plied yarn and a variety of packages wrapped yarn in woven fabric weaving process, the wire warp tension to maintain a uniform tension warp on the loom and down opening movement suffered can not be too large or too small, otherwise will cause weaving warp breaks while breaking stainless steel wire easy to wound the other warp cause more warp breakage fabric in different weaving process configuration and shape memory flower combine shaped design, can enhance the shape memory effect of the fabric as per inch treated with different yarn numbers, patterns and performance of the shape memory effect is also different;.. reed Different worn teeth can produce dilute or dense weave in the fabric surface. The main specifications of the company's current production of wire composite yarn has

JC21s / 1 + 68D wire 50D polyester DTY / 1 + 68D wire

JC32s / 1 + 68D wire 75D polyester DTY / 1 + 68D wire

JC40s / 1 + 68D wire 75D polyester DTY / 2 + 68D wire

JC40s / 2 + 68D 40D wire Kam DTY / 1 + 68D wire

JC60s / 2 + 68D 70D wire Kam DTY / 1 + 68D wire

JC80s / 2 + 68D 70D wire Kam DTY / 2 + 68D wire

Antistatic fabrics.

This substance mixed with a weight ratio of 10% -20% of stainless steel wire, used to make antistatic, equipment, etc., with such strong material does not produce static electricity ignition sources and do not absorb dust characteristics, it can be used in military, petroleum, chemical, coal, rubber, warehouses and other flammable occasions and hospitals, pharmaceutical, electronics industries need clean work environment. woven canvas used to make anti-static shoes, socks and belt. with less than 1% stainless steel wire (fiber) yarn, blended and synthetic fibers woven into antistatic carpet to prevent electrostatic hazard to persons and equipment. antistatic filter material is added 2.5% to 4% of stainless steel (fiber) in the polyester in micro silk, used in flammable dust occasions, such as fireworks factory, coal dust and other operations using filters.

The use of stainless steel metal having conductivity, stable and long-lasting anti-static cloth action blended with other fibers obtained. Stainless steel fiber blend ratio of less than 3% has a good antistatic effect, the general level of antistatic textile blend ratio less than 1% can meet the requirements. Therefore increase the cost of textile few large market, washable, does not affect the fabric feel, and has a role in environmental protection, but the distribution and continuity of stainless steel fibers in the yarn and fabric affect the fabric antistatic properties. In this respect, stainless steel monofilament fabric to have better antistatic properties than stainless steel staple fiber fabric. Since there is no discontinuity problem? it is simply added to the gap in the weft fabric will be able to form a good electrical conductivity sex on the market today useful to 0.035 mm stainless steel wire and cotton yarn (fineness 9. 7 tex or 7.3 tex) do weft plied obtained metallic cloth, every three or five intervals join plied yarn, excellent conductivity effect in the same amount of steel fibers blended structure. Since no traction cut stainless steel staple, and therefore a lower cost, feel more soft, fabric less prone thorn, better wearability

Conductive fabric and shielding cloth

Used as a conductive fabric of stainless steel wire content of up to 10% -25%, is mainly used for more than 10KV EHV circuit overhaul workers live working clothes. Shielded stainless steel wire cloth content of 5% -15%, it is mainly used for microwave ; electromagnetic environment Personal precautions; such as near high voltage substation staff patrol service.

The staple fiber blended yarn woven metal woven fabric, fabric stainless steel yarn constituted crisscross quarantine network, to isolate the microwave and the body to be protected, the microwave energy is attenuated to a certain extent, play against the effect of electromagnetic radiation With the increase of metallic yarn blended ratio, the shielding rate also increased, it functions better. According to overseas textile research tested by 1% metal yarn made of woven cloth at 1 800 MHz Environment electromagnetic shielding rate of 88.86%, in the 2 450 MHz with 92 to 33% shielding rate; while containing 3% metal yarn woven cloth 1 800 MHz Under 98 43% shielding rate, in 2450. 98 MHz rate of 49% under the shield; As to blend 5% of metallic yarn, and its products have more than 99% of electromagnetic shielding rate.

Stainless steel wire having a unique, superior physical ability, this was the general consensus. With the deepening of science and technology, new industries are emerging, modern science and technology development and extension of the current stainless steel wire has become a great market potential in emerging industry, as a new generation of technology products, has broad prospects for development. Our company produces 304, 304L or 316, 316L substrate, the diameter Φ (0.016-0. 25) mm soft state industrial timber production in knitwear design the metal wire application is considered to be the crowning touch, lively color, bright luster doomed it is the darling of the fashion market of the future

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