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Supply | manufacturers recommend ﹏

Product description:

Product Name Textile stainless steel staple Composition and content stainless steel
Yarn Sliver Strands custom made
The main purpose Knitting; woven; towels; sewing Origin / Manufacturer Shandong
Aliases Stainless steel sliver Yarn form other

? Metal staple application?
Stainless steel fiber is a new functional materials developed in recent years, it is made of stainless steel wire bundle drawing process is made, its bright color, because it is only a few microns in diameter, it is the basis of maintaining the original properties of the metal to produce other new features The fiber has a subtle, soft features and good flexibility, and has good mechanical properties, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, flexibility and also has a similar chemical fiber and other high surface area characteristic.
Adopted by a certain amount of stainless steel fibers and chemical fiber, cotton, viscose blended yarn woven into the fabric with effective long-term anti-static effect, is not affected by the work environment, even at low temperatures, dry conditions, the same has excellent anti-static properties, no special requirements for washing conditions, such products can be used for flammable, explosive atmospheres electrostatic protection of human and equipment.
In addition, from 10% -100% stainless steel fiber, chemical fiber, cotton, viscose blended yarn can be woven into anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, shielding rate of 99%, and such fabric also has a light texture, soft, breathable, durable, comfortable, etc., you can use the same general fabric Wash.
Blended in stainless steel fiber content is different, has different uses 0.5-5 antistatic 1. 2. 3. 30-50 10-30 General shielded high-voltage live work clothes 4. 50-100 high barrier
Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic radiation yarn main quality indicators
20% stainless steel content of yarn Case

Design specifications and tolerances
Line density / tex
28* (1±3%)
One hundred meters mass coefficient of variation CV /%
Breaking strength / Cn`tex
Stainless steel content /%
≥20 (1-10%)
Total blackboard Nep impurity / particle `g
Blackboard evenness 10 plate ratio
(Excellent: one: two: three) of not less than
0: 7: 3: 0
0: 10: 0: 0

Sound design and manufacture of strict quality assurance system, prevention is our service concept. Advanced technology and production, rigorous testing to ensure that the measures, continuous innovation is our eternal pursuit.
Laiwu Long but go rather to provide a high standard of product; but also provides information on production technology of production; to help each of our customers to make satisfactory products; truly win-win situation between supply and demand in the enterprise spirit of Laiwu Long Zhi Cheng pass,. letter amounted to the business philosophy wholeheartedly welcome customers to negotiate, buy, or call us.

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