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Supply of copper-containing yarn

Supply of copper-containing yarn
  • Supply of copper-containing yarn
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Long Zhi textile wire: Textile wire is in a special metal micro-quality varieties, because applied to textiles, so called metal spinning wire metal wire diameter range of textile yarns in general of 0.030mm-0.040mm. inside, mainly 0.035mm (78d) oriented. online sex, wire diameter, strength, elongation, vertical, filigree degree differs from the wire for other purposes, it can not be mixed, this problem also plagued many metal fabric production The main problem manufacturers: not up to standard with a metal wire made out of textile fabric must be defective, waste and different textile equipment (water; jet; twister; rapier; circular machine, etc.), different. textile products. (composite yarn; bare woven fabrics; bare woven wool; socks cap curtain blanket) applies, wire quality is not the same, you should select the machine performance and product that matches the corresponding wire I plant development Production of textile and apparel fabrics with metal wire, stainless steel wire, metal spinning line is imported high-quality copper (brass; Lintong; copper) material and then stretch the line, with natural diamond drawing dies and the entire computer numerical control equipment fine micro pull aside . from product has excellent tensile strength and elongation is an alternative to imported high-tech products with high cost is one of many textile and garment enterprises of the first products of wire composite yarn:.. The so-called wire composite yarn means wire and other yarns (cotton; polyester; nylon; wool; hemp, etc.) After twisting composite made of yarn, mainly for water-jet looms rapier loom warp knitting machine circular knitting machines and other models I plant over the years to such wire composite yarn development, the research and development of products have been domestic customers fully affirmed. main specifications I plant produced wire composite yarn there we can also according to customer demand for products tailored to customers to the right products. welcome.