Special steel wire for supply of catheter

Special steel wire for supply of catheter

Product description:

Our stainless steel wire for production of masterbatch 316L. Yarn size 0.035 mm . Stainless steel wire has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high strength, high elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability in oxidizing atmosphere and so on. Widely used in the textile, a better shield, steering, in addition to static electricity, radiation protection, superior performance, and are widely used in textile, aerospace, military, medical, bio-chemical, industrial, and modern civil, petrochemical industries, because of the fine stainless steel wire with a higher technological content, and have a broad market prospect.

Fiber is a very fine metal wire; It's thinner than a human hair; Than cotton or soft; Silk touch well; With a subtle and soft characteristics of Metal fibre and its products in nearly 20 Development of new industrial materials and high-tech, high value-added products. It has chemical fibers, synthetic fibers and their products by softness, metal itself has excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics. Textile (fabric and twist thread) metal microwires 35 μm-40 μm .0.035mm ,68D , And other 0.03mm ,0.04mm ,0.05mm Widely used by spinning and weaving factories at home and abroad.

Stainless steel was first made 0 .016 ~0 .035 mm Filaments for spinning, and then wire combined with different fiber yarns and adopted technology to produce a variety of different, mainly for the wrapped yarn and yarns. In fabric weaving, wire warp tension to maintain uniform, looms the tension on the warp on opening up and down movement can not be too large or too small, or weaving warp can cause breakage. While fracture of stainless steel wire-wound other warp more warp rupture. Fabric weaving process through different configuration and shape memory combination of flower-shaped design, the shape memory effect of reinforcement fabrics. Such as a varying number of columns per inch, pattern and shape memory effect works differently; Dent look different in the weave of the fabric produced on sparse or dense. Company currently producing wire of main specifications of composite yarn

JC21s/ 1+68D Wire 50D Polyester DTY/ 1+68D Wire

JC32s/ 1+68D Wire 75D Polyester DTY/ 1+68D Wire

JC40s/ 1+68D Wire 75D Polyester DTY/ 2+68D Wire

JC40s/ 2+68D Wire 40D Kam DTY/ 1+68D Wire

JC60s/ 2+68D Wire 70D Kam DTY/ 1+68D Wire

JC80s/ 2+68D Wire 70D Kam DTY/ 2+68D Wire

Antistatic fabrics.

This material mixed in with the weight ratio of the 10%-20% Fine stainless steel wire , Used to make clothing is antistatic, equipment and so on, using the strong do not generate static electricity ignition sources and do not capture dust characteristics, available in military, oil, chemical, coal, rubber, flammable and explosive occasion such as warehouses and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electric industry need to clean working environment. Woven canvas used for anti-static shoes, socks and belts. With less than 1% Fine stainless steel wire ( Fiber), blended into the synthetic fibre and antistatic carpet woven to prevent electrostatic hazard to persons and equipment. Antistatic filter material is added into the polyester 2.5%-4% Stainless steel ( Fiber ) Micro-wire , In the presence of combustible dust , Such as Fireworks plants, coal dust filters for operation.

Use the conductivity of stainless steel metal, mixed with other fibers, stable and durable antistatic cloth. Stainless steel fiber blended ratio 3% Good antistatic effects, General ratio of antistatic textile fibres 1% You can meet the requirements. Therefore increased cost of textiles is not much, large market, washable, do not affect fabric hand, and has a role in environmental protection. Stainless steel fibers in yarn, thread and fabrics of distribution and continuity affect fabric antistatic performance. In this regard, stainless steel single fabric better than stainless steel staple fibres with antistatic properties. Since there are no ongoing issues ? Only in the interval is added to the fabric in weft will be able to form a good electrical conductivity. Currently on the market use 0.035 mm Fine stainless steel wire and cotton ( Fineness 9 .7 tex Or 7.3 tex) Plied yarn made of metal, every 3 Root or 5 Interval to join yarns and its conductive effect than the same weight of stainless steel fiber blended structure. Because there is no holding cut stainless steel staple fiber, lower-cost, feel softer, fabric is less prone to Tartar, taking better

Conductive fabric and shielding fabrics

Fine stainless steel wire used as conductive fabric content 10%-25% Mainly used for 10KV More ultra-high voltage live working clothes of maintenance workers. Masking content of fine stainless steel wire cloth 5%-15% Mainly used in microwave; Personal prevention of electromagnetic wave environment; Such as high voltage substations near workers visiting clothing.

Staple fibres, yarns woven metal, stainless steel yarns in the fabric make criss-cross the fence, separated and protected microwave, microwave energy to a certain extent, to prevent electromagnetic radiation effects. With metal yarn blending ratio increases, the shielding rate also increases, function better. As far as overseas textile research and development testing, 1% Metallic yarn woven fabric 1 800 MHz Electromagnetic shielding rate for environment 88.86 %, In 2 450 MHz Under 92 .33 % Screening rate; But the 3 % Metallic yarn woven fabric 1 800 MHz Under 98 .43 % Block rate, 2 450 MHz Under 98 .49 % Screening rate; Blend 5 % Metallic yarn, its products are 99 Electromagnetic shielding rate of above.

Stainless steel wire has a unique, superior physical ability, this is the general consensus. With the deepening of science and technology, emerging industries continue to emerge, the development and extension of modern technology, the current fine stainless steel wire has become a new industry with great market potential, as a new generation of technology products, has a bright future. . Our company produces 304 ,304L Or 316 ,316L For the base material, diameter of φ (0.016-0. 25) mm Soft state of materials used in industrial production. In the designing of knitted garments, metal wire application is considered the crowning, vibrant color, bright luster is bound to it is the darling of the fashion market in the future

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