Supply of metal monofilament alias stainless steel wire | Made of 316L for the textile Laiwu Long Zhi professional production

Supply of metal monofilament alias stainless steel wire | Made of 316L for the textile Laiwu Long Zhi professional production

Product description:

Product Name Textile with stainless steel wire Composition and content stainless steel
Yarn14-3600D Strands1
The main purpose Knitting; woven; Sewing Origin / Manufacturer Shandong
Aliases Stainless steel wire Yarn form Cheese
Spinning Process Physical drawing Num.029

Antistatic fabrics.

This material mixed in a weight ratio of 10%-20% Stainless steel microfilament , It used to make antistatic, equipment, etc., with this strong was no fire and no electrostatic dust absorption characteristics, can be used in explosive environments military, petroleum, chemical, coal, rubber, warehouses and hospitals, pharmaceutical, electronics industries need clean work environment. woven canvas used to make anti-static shoes, socks and belt. with less than 1% Stainless steel wire ( Fiber) yarn, blended and synthetic fibers woven into antistatic carpet to prevent electrostatic hazard to persons and equipment. Antistatic filter material is added to the polyester in 2.5%-4% Stainless steel ( fiber ) Microfilament , For use in potentially explosive dust situations , Such as explosives, coal dust and other operations using filters.

The use of stainless steel metal having conductivity, antistatic cloth action blended with other fibers to obtain a stable and durable stainless steel metal fiber blend ratio 3% Within it has a good antistatic effect, the general level of antistatic textile blend ratio 1% Within you can meet the requirements. Therefore increase the cost of textile few large market, washable, does not affect the fabric handle and has environmental effects, but the distribution and continuity of stainless steel fibers in the yarn and fabric affect the fabric antistatic performance. In this respect, stainless steel monofilament fabric would have better antistatic properties than stainless steel staple fiber fabric. Since there is no discontinuity problem ? So just the weft interval added to the fabric will be able to form a good electrical conductivity. Useful on the market today 0.035 mm Stainless steel wire and cotton ( Fineness 9 . 7 tex or 7.3 tex) Do weft plied obtained metallic cloth, every 3 Root or 5 Root interval added plied yarn, which is better than the same amount of conductive stainless steel fibers blended structure. Since no traction cut stainless steel staple, therefore a lower cost, feel more soft, fabric less prone thorn, better wearability

Conductive fabric and shielding cloth

Used as a conductive fabric of stainless steel wire content of up to 10%-25% ,Mainly used 10KV Above EHV circuit overhaul workers live working clothes shield of stainless steel wire cloth content 5%-15% , Mainly used for microwave; electromagnetic environment Personal precautions; high-pressure staff service substation near the patrol .

The staple fiber blended yarn woven metal woven fabric, fabric stainless steel yarn constituted crisscross quarantine network, to isolate the microwave and the body to be protected, the microwave energy is attenuated to a certain extent, play against the effect of electromagnetic radiation With the increase of metallic yarn blended ratio, the shielding rate also increased, it functions better. According to overseas textile research tested by 1% Metal yarns woven cloth 1 800 MHz Electromagnetic shielding rate environment 88.86 %, in 2 450 MHz Under there 92 . 33 % Shielding rate; while containing 3 % Metallic yarn woven cloth 1 800 MHz Under 98 . 43 % Shielding rate, in 2 450 MHz Under 98 . 49 % Shielding rate; as blended 5 % Metal yarn, and its products are 99 % Or more of electromagnetic shielding rate.

Stainless steel wire having a unique, superior physical ability, this was the general consensus. With the deepening of science and technology, new industries are emerging, modern science and technology development and extension of the current stainless steel wire has become a great market potential in emerging industry, as a new generation of technology products, has broad prospects for development. I produced 304 , 304L or 316 , 316L As the substrate, the diameter Φ ( 0.016-0. 25) mm The soft state of industrial timber production in knitwear design, wire application is considered to be the crowning touch, lively color, bright luster doomed it is the darling of the fashion market of the future

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