Supply of radiation fabric yarn yarn TWISTED metal wire twisting yarn

Supply of radiation fabric yarn yarn TWISTED metal wire twisting yarn

Product description:

Product Name other Composition and content Metal cotton wool-polyester monofilament +
Yarn Be customized Strands Yarn or strands
The main purpose Knitting; woven; Sewing Origin / Manufacturer Shandong
Aliases Metal twisting yarn Yarn form Cheese
Twist (twist / 10cm) custom made Num.050

Metal twisting yarn

Metal yarn is a metal wire and other fiber or twisted yarn made of metallic yarn, metallic yarn suitable for water jet loom, air-jet looms, rapier looms, circular machine. Wire metal microfilament In a special quality varieties, textile wire General Specifications 50D-100D, because it applied to textiles, so called metal spinning yarn in textile fabric applications, metallic yarns are mainly used for anti-static fabrics, conductive fabric, blended fabric upper blended fabric more commonly used, shielding fabric from 20 to 25% of the metal fiber and chemical fiber and cotton blended yarn and woven, and it has a good electromagnetic wave shielding effect is to prevent electromagnetic radiation pollution and simple practical method. Personal protective clothing to prevent use of electromagnetic waves on the human body injury last line of defense. fabric shielding electromagnetic wave frequency band, breathable, soft texture, good strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to washing, wearing comfortable, easy to process, and anti-electromagnetic long-term effects of radiation.

Functional fabrics in polyester, Nylon, Polyester, cotton yarn mainly with metal, metal and polyester yarn, nylon filament interwoven. Fabric surface with a metallic luster, faint flicker, also has a special can Shape memory wrinkle effect change. fabrics with functional effect of radiation, anti-static concept of health based on the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for the manufacture of men and women fashion coats, high-end casual cotton, casual jacket, can show after wearing elegant, luxurious, romantic temperament and taste.

Wire fabric is generally of cotton and polyester or nylon accounted for 90%, the remaining components of metallic yarns. Wire fabric refers to the metal by high-tech brushed metal fiber implanted into the formation of a high-end clothing and fabrics, the overall fabric metallic yarn accounted for about 3% to 8%, the same level of technology in general, the higher the proportion of metallic yarns accounted for more expensive, because the reason implanted metallic yarns, fabrics overall color brilliant bright, with a metallic Guangmang, capable of reacting unique metallic luster, but need to specify the characteristics of wire fabric not only on the metallic luster, but also has anti-static, radiation protection and other functions.

In recent years, textile and metal wire functional fabrics popular market, has become a new bright spot in the textile industry. I can plant according to customer demand, build different specifications, materials, metallic yarns. Long Zhi metal yarn plant after years of metal yarn R & D, and finally occupy the first place, technology, quality win customers recognition in emerging industries. Laiwu Long Zhi in the 'sincerity pass, the letter amounted to' business philosophy, wholeheartedly welcome customers to negotiate, purchase or call for more information.

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