Huarong CTG31 cast light lightship lighting

Huarong CTG31 cast light lightship lighting

Product description:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power source: 500-1000 W
  • Type: Marine Searchlight
  • Protection: IP66
  • Brand: Huarong
  • Model: CTG31
  • The main scope of: Ships, offshore platforms, mining

CTG31-N250 220V / 220V 250W HPS

CTG31-N400 220V / 220V 400W HPS

CTG31-J250 220V / 220V 250W metal halide

CTG31-J400 220V / 220V 400W Metal Halide

CTG31-L1000 220V / 220V 1000W tungsten halogen lamps

CTG31 Series Spotlights shell is made of stainless steel, transparent glass shade, good impact resistance. Corrosion shockproof waterproof, selling domestic and international shipping market.

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