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Four-cavity Solar Vacuum Tube

Four-cavity Solar Vacuum Tube
  • Four-cavity Solar Vacuum Tube
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: GuangPu

  • Model Number: 58mm/ 1800mm

  • Type: Vacuum Solar Collector

  • Application: Water Heater

  • Pipe Material: Glass

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Carton, packaging specifications according to customer needs
Delivery Detail: 1-20


a new type solar evacuated glass tube, enlarging absorbing area of the solar collector. heat bridge is cut off, so lower heat loss

Presently, it is hard to close-pack solar evacuated glass tubes (EGT) in a solar water heater and the improvement of the heating collecting efficiency seems to be not so easy. What's more, the spring holder, heat bridge as usually been called, is the main way through which the absorbed solar energy losses. These are the two technical bottlenecks in solar thermal industries that need further efforts to break through.

The Four-cavity EGT, developed by GuangPu Solar, solves these problems, where GuangPu solar has been granted a patent right by the State Intellectual Property Office. This is a totally new type solar evacuated glass tube. In a four-cavity EGT there is added another two glass, so there are four cavities in this tube, thus been called Four-cavity EGT.

Four-cavity EGT is a substantial innovation in the structure of the EGT. As the tube is narrowed at the open end, the tubes can be close-packed in a solar water heater. The solar energy collecting area is greatly enlarged. Another glass is added in the tube, so there is less transfer fluid in the EGT. This increases the useful heat energy. Heat loss is lower because the heat bridge is cut off. Four-cavity EGT is very suitable for large scale solar water heating systems on the building roof and wall-mounted solar water heating systems, because the four-cavity EGT has higher solar energy collecting efficiency and is 30%-40% lighter than the normal EGT. The success of four-cavity EGT marks the beginning of a new age for solar evacuated glass tube.

The evaluation committee, grouped by Science&Technology Agency of Shandong province, Science&Technology Bureau of Zaozhuang City and Science&Technology Bureau of Tengzhou City, all agree that the structure is innovative, the technique is new and the performance is dependable.