Solar Vacuum Tube

Solar Vacuum Tube

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Guangpu , established in 1995, is a leading professional manufacturer of solar thermal products , especially in sollar vacuum tube. We are one of the drafters of the national standard of All-glass heat pipe- evacuated solar collector tubes for the National Standardization Committee. In 18-year development, we have possessed advanced technology and superior equipments for quality, schedule and cost control. We have annual production capacity over 10 million of various high-quality all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes. We have been continuously supplying solar products with best quality to well-known solar thermal companies both in China and other counties across the world. With 18 years experience and professional knowledge , we are glad to help your team succeed through our cooperation.

Three-Target solar vacuum tube

Three-target magnetron sputtering

solar vacuum tube

Tube glass


High borosilicate 3.3 glass &=1.6mm

Thermal expansion coefficient




Outer tube diameter & thickness

Ø=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm

Ø=58±0.7mm &=1.6mm

Inner tube diameter & thickness

Ø=37±0.7mm &=1.6mm

Ø=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm

Tube length



Vacuum degree


Selective absorber



Absorption ratio

α=0.93~0.95 (AM1.5)

Emission ratio

ε=0.04~0.06 (80°C±5°C)

Maximum stagnation temperature

Y=250m2°C/ KW

Solar irradiation for stagnation

H=2.9~3.2MJ/ m2

H=3.7~4.2MJ/ m2

Average heat loss coefficient

ULT=0.4~0.6W/ (m2°C)

Mechanical shock resistance

Withstand the vertical impact of a steel ball with 30mm in diameter free falling

from the height of 450mm