Language Chan ice pack cooler bag ice bag back pack milk breast preservation board insulation bags lunch bag lunch bags PACKER

Language Chan ice pack cooler bag ice bag back pack milk breast preservation board insulation bags lunch bag lunch bags PACKER

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: CY-A029 Language Chan back pack milk
  • Brand: Chan Language
  • Item No: CY-A029
  • made in China
  • Color Classification: Orange (ice distribution liner +2) blue (ice distribution liner +2) purple (ice distribution liner +2) pink (ice distribution liner +2) Green (distribution tank +2 ice) khaki (delivery +2 interior ice pack) Scholar green (send four ice) upgraded version of the noble blue (to send four ice) upgraded charm pink (to send four ice) upgraded version of khaki (send 4 ice) upgraded version of vibrant orange (send four ice) upgraded
  • Dimensions: 24x16x21cm
  • Material: Polyester (Oxford)
  • Time to market: 2015 summer

Event Name: Buy more and more concessions Date: at 16:08 on June 30 to at 16:08 on December 29
  • Single order at least two ,Minus 2 yuan,
  • Single orders over 3 ,Minus 6 yuan,
  • Single order at least four ,Minus 12 yuan,
Event Description: two 68 yuan, 99 yuan three, four 128 yuan, the national shipping (Xinjiang, Tibet, except)

【Tips】Size marked as the outer diameter of the ice pack cover projection

【weight】About 300g

[Description] Features

Soaking time: about 3-4 hours (more calories of food, the longer the holding time), Cold time: loading frozen food or drink about 8-10 hours (with blue ice and ice packs are used together, up to 12-24 hours when cold)

important hint: Thermos-bag it is not charged products, all cold, heat energy depends on the food itself, bags principle is to play a role in the extension of time, but can not guarantee 100% to the extreme time, the country is the ambient temperature is changing. If unknown Please contact us at the first time to answer your questions.

When used cold, Ice cream and ice cream are easy to frozen food, not recommended.

[Other Description] Introduction

Cooler bag, ice bag, ice packs, also known as passive refrigerator, is a high insulation, thermostatic effect package (with cool effects), multi-purpose cold, heat, fresh, high-quality materials, easy to carry , for those who prefer traveling by car, holiday outing, family picnic use, the product inner EPE laminated reflective foil insulation, provide good thermal insulation effect, since you can in the car, outdoors carry iced drinks, cold drinks, etc. , you do not have to endure warm drinks!

Cooler stylish appearance, bright colors, fashionable, easy to clean the bag can be folded for convenient storage. The product also has an insulating effect, also suitable for winter insulation required, is to live, travel, leisure carry goods products exported to Europe, all using environmentally friendly materials. quality quality OK.

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