Radeye-B20 portable α / β / γ radiation meter surface contamination meter

Radeye-B20 portable α / β / γ radiation meter surface contamination meter

Product description:

Radeye-B20 portable alpha/beta/gamma radiation measurement by surface contamination meter

United States electric companies for surface radioactive contamination detection, gamma dose rate measurement and monitoring has developed a new generation of advanced compact portable instrument for surface contamination and radiation measuring instrument. Portable instrument for surface contamination and radiation measuring instrument multi-functional characteristics of a new generation of portable measuring instrument is the use of sophisticated energy-saving technology components and automatic self check technology only requires minimal maintenance costs.

Portable instrument for surface contamination and radiation measuring instrument for all the basic features easy operation even if the instrument in the protection of leather. When the instrument mounted on leather, alarm-LED can be seen clearly. Instrument is equipped with a built-in vibrator and a headphone output, with silent alarm function and can be used in noisy environments.

Portable instrument for surface contamination and radiation measurement system features:

Detection type: Geiger tube (GM-Tube), diameter of the measuring window reaches 44mm, Windows 1.8-2.0 mg/cm2 thick.

Type of the measured radiation: alpha/beta/gamma-rays.

Energy range: 17 KeV~1.3 MeV.

Efficiency: Am-241 ≥ 27%, Cl-36 ≥ 40%, Sr/Y-90 ≥ 35%, Cs-137 ≥ 45%.

Statistical counter mode, calculate the average peak dose rate and; Background storage and automatic deduction of measurement functions.

Dose rate range: 0.001 μ Sv/h to 2mSv/h or more.

Cumulative count display range: 0 to 10000CPS or more broadly.

Instrument dose rate of warning and alarm setting, cumulative count the alert settings, search on sound radiation sources and feature set.

Instrument alarm: red LED, different audio noise and vibration; As a way to mute mode detection, and reaches the preset alarm

Value, 3 kinds of alert methods mentioned above are the same and the alert sound, in 30 cm not less than 85 DB

Optional headset device.

Detect displays: at least CPS, CPM, DPS, DPM, Bq, R/h, Sv/h, select, and has anti-lock the operator panel


Measurement value display: the LCD Panel can automatically switch the display range, analog and digital can be displayed and Windows at night

Continuing and temporary lighting displays; You can choose to show hierarchy values and cumulative radiation intensity measurement when the value of the residual


Displayed function: dose rate volume measuring mode (μ Sv/h), count or live metric measuring mode (CPS/Bq), site temperature volume measuring indicates, preset cumulative dose time warning indicates, average and the maximum value indicates and the analogy fast displayed value indicates, low power indicates, Super dose indicates, fault signals indicates and above of displayed data are can in distribution hanging Yu waist inter 180 degrees instead displayed to conducive to practitioners Visual.

Instruments applicable temperature range:-30 ℃ ~ + 50℃; IP65 waterproof shell installations and in line with international regulations.

Storage of measurement data of at least 1500 or more, and to download it by wireless transmission to the PC analysis and statistics software.

Use commercial battery 2 AAA, when weak power blinking signal will be displayed when the voltage is too low, life in the context of normal

At least up to 500 hours.

Weight: ≦ 350 g (including batteries) external dimensions (mm): ≦ 150 (l) x 70 (w) x 80 (h).

Each sturdy shock-protective rubber cover.

Attach a special fit for sea, land and air transport box.

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