FHT762-WENDI2 around when neutron measurement meter

FHT762-WENDI2 around when neutron measurement meter

Product description:

FHT 762-WENDI2 When the meter around neutron measurement

WENDI (Wide Energy Neutron Detection Instrument) is Los Alamos National Laboratory and San Jose University and other research and development of energy range from thermal neutrons to 5Gev wide energy neutron detector, in line with H * (10) ICRP74 And access to the large volume of US national patent (Patent No. 5578830) .FHT762 WENDI-2 is its improved update, with excellent energy response and angular response, and greatly expanded in response to high energy use in 1996 He- 3, with high sensitivity γ has a strong immunity, even for high 1Sv / h level γ dose rate is still no need to consider the impact of crosstalk for accelerator neutron field has a more precise dose equivalent response, for the environment level of neutron field with real-time measurement capability can be used for Thermo's FHT6020 regional monitoring system and FH 40G Patrol instruments.

Technical Parameters:

Ø Detector: He-3 管

Ø energy range: 0.025eV ~ 5GeV, pursuant ICRP74 (1996)

Ø measuring range: 1 nSv / h ~ 100 m Sv / h, Cf-252

Ø Sensitivity: 0.84cps / (μSv / h), Cf-252

Ø γ sensitivity: 1 to 5μSv / h for 100mSv / h (. 137 Cs , 662KeV)

Ø angular dependence: All directions ± 20%

Ø Ambient temperature: -30 ° C ~ 50°C

Ø Humidity: 90% (non-condensing)

Ø Atmospheric pressure: 500 to 1500hPa

Ø Dimensions: Diameter 230mm , high 320mm

Ø Weight: 13.5kg

Ø Strong ability of anti-γ crosstalk

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