TIR 100-2 infrared thermal emission rate measurement instrument

TIR 100-2 infrared thermal emission rate measurement instrument

Product description:

TIR 100-2 infrared thermal emission rate measurement instrument

Origin: Germany (imported)

TIR100-2 infrared thermal emission rate measurement instrument, wide range of applications, can quickly determine the thermal emissivity of the surface was measured in seconds, in fact, the ideal equipment measuring the emission rate of effective quality control.
TIR 100-2 can be measured in seconds thermal emissivity of an object's surface. Even the special structure and surface to be measured directly, the device is self-contained, including all operations and electronic components, measure and process the sensor signal and display data and a control blackbody temperature.
TIR 100-2 is known TIR update the device 100, we not only into the TIR reliable technology in the TIR 100-2 100, it is also highly integrated electronic components and cozy touch screen makes the device more compact and easy to use.
Internal micro controller may emitter temperature was adjusted to a constant 100 ℃, while recording the sensor signal and the absolute value with the standard value is stored it into the transmission rate.
Large-screen LED displays the status of the device, the measurement results and the Action menu, touch screen panel to ensure that all functions easily. Core components of the device is a hemispherical blackbody, due emitter coated with a black coating, so have almost all the properties of an ideal black body. transmitter operating temperature 100 ℃, the rest of the blackbody emitter thermally insulated housing. Therefore, during instrument operation produces only mild heat.
Reverse thermal fuse inside the instrument to prevent excessive heat when heated emitter can interrupt the heating process at 125 ℃.
Thermopile sensor the reflected thermal radiation into a voltage signal, between 2.5 μm and 40 μm range of more than 97% of the radiant energy of wavelength.

1. The quality control of coated glass

Thermal insulation glass, low U- value depends on low-emissivity glass coating, TIR 100 and the coating or quality control laboratories to develop new coating is very useful.
2. Solar collector production and quality control
High-quality solar collector efficiency depends on non-producing low emissivity collector surface, ideal for TIR 100 is the industry quality control
Technical data
Measuring range (0020.0980
Accuracy + --0002
Spectral range 25 μm - 40 μm
Radiation maximum 8 μm
Blackbody temperature of 100 ° C
Integration time 5 seconds
Measuring point ~ 5 mm
Rated Power 130 W (230 V ~ / 115 V ~ (opt.))
Dimensions 230 mm x 140 x 120 毫米 毫米
Weight 2 kg
Calibration standard low emission side: polished aluminum
High emission side: black hood
Reference emission standard low emission end value - 002
High-end standard emission values ​​~ 098
Individual calibration reference calibration standard National Physical Laboratory

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