Non-intrusive X- line kV mAs mAs meter table

Non-intrusive X- line kV mAs mAs meter table

Product description:

Distributor: Model 820-type non-invasive kV line X- table mAs mAs meter

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. of China's total company sales of US ECC quality control instrument X-ray machine / X-ray machine performance testing equipment, there are: 870 mA / mAs mA stopwatch watch digital mAs table; Model 820 type non-intervention X- line kilovolt table; kVp kV mAs mA stopwatch and exposure table timetable; Model 890 X-ray diagnostic dosimeter; X-ray machine X-ray machine dose meter Gy / uGy meter

American Company Model 820 type ECC mAs kVp kV mAs and exposure schedule table features:

• Combine KVp kV and mA mAs means two in one

• Easy operation

• no need to set the AC / DC

• mAs mA stopwatch automatically reset

• mA mA applies to short-term exposure

• No diffuse

• AC or DC X-ray

• High accuracy

• measurable kilovolt peak; mA; mAs exposure time

• Battery powered

• Two-year warranty

• Custom suitcase

• Solid-state design data

• durable plastic box

Performance description

• as kVp kV mAs mA stopwatch or table use

• mA mA and mAs mAs measurement of X-ray tube current

• KVp kilovolt measure to accelerate the tungsten X-ray generator X-ray peak voltage

• direct measurement kilovolt peak from the X-ray head, simply 820 on the airwaves, according to X-rays.

• Press the Mode switch to display the exposure time

• Instruct X-ray wavelength format type -

For example: a half wavelength or full wavelength DC / 3 Phase

• Optimization of dental X-rays, also apply to the imaging and X-ray fluorescence

• a clear X-ray outdoor large-screen display

• alphanumeric display provides easy-to-understand status and error messages

• Insert cable mAs and mA per measuring milli An Peipei

• Unplug the cable mAs measurement kV peak

typical application

• Check voltage X-ray peaks

• Check approved sex

• Calibration X-ray

• Quality assurance

• measuring the exposure time

• Determination of the half-value layer

• troubleshooting and maintenance of X-ray

• Service quality X-rays

Technical Parameters

820 / 820L Measuring range:

820: 45-125 kV 0.1 mA -2 amps 820L: 40 到 115 kilovolt

Kilovolt peak accuracy

15 mm aluminum equivalent filtration comprising a tungsten target X-ray tube 25 to each

100 mA (820) or 10-50 mA (820L) 2 each

% + / - Of 1 kV

Precision exposure time

1% + / - 2 ms (1/5 to

2 seconds) the minimum exposure time is 100 milliseconds

Shortest exposure time

100 ms - high-speed mode

200 ms - High resolution mode

Minimum current (mA)

7 mA per 50 kilovolt (820) or 5 mA, depending on the focal length


820 / 820L type mAs measurement range:

Full range 0.1 mA -2 amperes

0.1 mA decomposition (mA or mA per second)

10 ohm input resistance of full scale 2 Amps

1 mA decomposition (mA or mA per second)

1 ohm input resistance

Meter automatically selects the AC / DC

By push button switch range

MA accuracy per second

Were 2% + / within two ranges --1 mA

Connected via two alligator clips 1 meter long cable with

Basic features:

Display: 10.2 mm LCD, 8-character alphanumeric Processor


• On / Off - Lighting green button Power -

Energized Display

• Mode Switch - Instant Button

• 8 character LCD display

Without connecting kilovolt peak measuring device

power supply

• bottom means 4AA batteries

• Prompt power shortage

Power usage time

• Continuous apply 48 hours

• Normally normal 9 months

Warranty period from two years from the time of delivery

Specific size 150 X 120 X 58.5 毫米

Quality 0.7 kg

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