Radeye G-10 portable radiation detector, personal dose detector

Radeye G-10 portable radiation detector, personal dose detector

Product description:

Radeye G-10 portable radiation detector, personal dose detector

Radeye G Price: 22600.00 yuan / Taiwan; Radeye G-10 Price: 23300.00 yuan / Taiwan

RadEye is the most advanced portable multifunction nuclear radiation measuring instrument, using a ThermoFisher the NBR patented technology.

ADF advanced filtering technology and low-power technology, with excellent performance, can be used to detect α, β, γ, X-ray and neutron radiation. There RadEye PRD, RadEye-G, RadEye-N, RadEye AB100, RadEyeB20 and RadEye Area Monitor and other models can be used in industrial, border, customs, nuclear emergency, terrorism, security, fire protection, hospitals and pharmaceutical and many other fields.


Ø Advanced radiometric performance

Ø rapid radiation response

Ø with overload protection

Ø Powerful data storage capacity

Ø Fully automatic self-test

Ø advanced low-power technology

Ø excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capability

Ø Very low maintenance costs

Ø pull-down menu user interface

Ø Easy to use, that is, learning that is used

Ø can set the sound, vibration and headset mode alarm

Ø Compact; lightweight; easy to carry

Ø protruding ergonomic key design

Ø You can use ordinary batteries or rechargeable batteries

Radeye G / G-10 portable personal dose detector

Ø Detector: energy compensated GM tube

Ø measuring range:

RadEye G: 5 μR / h - 10 R / h

Radeye G -10: 0.05μSv / h-50mSv / h

Ø energy range:

RadEye G: 45 keV - 1.3 MeV

RadEye G-10: 50 keV - 1.3 MeV

Ø Sensitivity (Cs-137): 1.7cps per μSv / h

Ø sensitivity (Am-241): 2.0cps per μSv / h

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