Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter

Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter

Product description:

Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter

Price: 27053.00 yuan / Taiwan

Thermo companies in radiation detection, gamma dose rate measurements and area monitoring developed a new generation of advanced pocket Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter .Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter multi-purpose new generation of pocket measuring instrument is characterized by the use of sophisticated energy-saving technology components and fully automatic self-test technology so only require minimal maintenance costs.

Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter all the basic functions can easily operate even if the instrument is protected holster. When the instrument is encased in leather alert -LED also can clearly see the instrument is equipped with a built-in vibrator and a headphone output with a silent alarm and can be used in noisy environments.

Radeye-B20 portable radiation meter features:

• detection head type: Geiger tube (GM-Tube); measuring window diameter ≧ 44mm, thick window 1.8-2.0 mg / cm2.

• measurable radiation types: α / β / γ-rays.

• Energy range: from 17 KeV ~ 1.3 MeV.

• Efficiency: Am-241 ≧ 27%, Cl-36 ≧ 40%, Sr / Y-90 ≧ 35%, Cs-137 ≧ 45%.

• A statistical counter mode, the calculation of the peak and average dose rate; background measurement and storage functions automatically deducted.

• dose rate display range: 0.001 μSv / h to 2mSv / h or wider.

• cumulative count display range: 0 to 10000CPS or wider.

• The instrument has a warning and alarm set dose rate, the cumulative count of the alarm is set, the sound of the radiation source and the search function is set.

• The instrument alarm mode: with red LED; different audio sound; vibration; such as muting detection; and reaches a preset alarm

Value; more than three kinds of alert methods are unchanged and its siren; within 30 centimeters of not less than 85 db

Also optional headset device.

• Detection unit display: at least containing CPS; CPM; DPS; DPM; Bq; R / h; Sv / h and so choose; and the operation panel with anti-lock function


• Measured value display: The LCD panel; can automatically switch display range; analog and digital display shall be capable of simultaneously and a window at night

Continuing and temporary lighting display; choose to display residual radiation intensity level values ​​and the measured value of the accumulated time


• Display: dose rate measurement mode (μSv / h), count or measure live measurement mode (CPS / Bq), on-site temperature measurement indication; cumulative dose preset time warning indication; the average and maximum instructions and analogies fast display indicates; low power indicator; overdose indication; fault indication signal and display data of the above can be found in at the waist with hanging 180 employees actually facilitate visual display.

• Instruments Temperature range: -30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃; and international regulations in line with IP65 waterproof housing means of.

• store the measurement data of at least 1500 pen over a wireless transmission to a PC to download within the statistical analysis software.

• Use General Commercial Batteries 2 AAA; when the voltage is too low will display a flashing signal weak power; in the background of normal life

At least up to 500 hours.

• Weight: ≦ 350 g (including battery); External dimensions (mm): ≦ 150 (length) x 70 (width) x 80 (high).

• Each attachment rugged shock resistant rubber shroud.

• attach a special transport box for the sea and air transport.

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