RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector

RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector

Product description:

RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector

Price: 46842.00 yuan / Taiwan

Isolated 'source phenomenon is a tricky global issues, because suddenly appeared in radioactive scrap yard, border crossings or other public place will be considered a major potential danger. Worker responsible for detecting and locating a radioactive source to say, RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector is a high-performance instrument, whether they are responsible for the first line of defense (border guard; customs; special police and anti-terrorist units) or post-emergency (emergency rescue, law enforcement).
RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector sensitivity is higher than ordinary electronic dosimeter 5000-10000 times.
When the search of nuclear weapons, nuclear facilities temporary (IND's) or radiological dispersion device (RDD's or dirty bombs), with high sensitivity, high-resolution capability of the instrument is extremely important thing.
RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector through based on our patented natural background eliminate (NBR) technology to achieve the above performance, in the same instruments of this type and size, only RadEye PRD have this capability.
RadEye-PRD high sensitivity NaI radiation detector combined with a high sensitivity of sodium iodide scintillation detector and a miniature photomultiplier tube, able to detect very low radioactivity, particularly gamma rays with energies below 400Kev.

Technical Parameters:

Main applications: high sensitivity gamma radiation detection and dosimetry military security, steel and recycling industry, emergency response
Detector: NaI (Tl) detector with high-quality software using μ photomultiplier tube Roentgen / sievert unit calculations.
Measuring range: 1μR / h-25mR / h, 0.01μSv / h-250μSv / h
-Range indication: 1000R / h (10Sv / h)
The energy range (+ / -30%): 60keV-1.3MeV, 30 keV from the detection effect is very good
137 Cs count rate (662keV): 1.5cps per μR / h, 150cps per μSv / h
241 Am count rate (60keV): 30cps per μR / h, 2000cps per μSv / h
Improve sensitivity by natural background cancellation technology: low energy gamma when dropped 1μR / h
Cosmic background radiation: basic elimination) 95%
High-quality PMT can be from 30 keV: 30 cps when 1μR / h (Am-241) at the beginning of the response.
Anti-electromagnetic interference capability is higher than photodiode instruments.
. Sodium iodide detector for SNM and RDD's with high responsiveness.
Real dose and dose rate calculation to avoid overestimation of low energy gamma.
Automatic background update, users do not need their own operations.
Natural background technique can eliminate artificial radioactivity set to a very low alarm limits.
Standard design according to ANSIl 42.33 / 142.32 and IEC 62401.
Energy response units can be selected by software using Roentgen or sievert.

main feature:

Stable and reliable
Removable rubber sleeve as an external protection device
Large screen makes data more clearly
Only 160 g (96 * 61 * 31 mm) - real 'pocket-sized instrument
Top alarm indication - can be operated in the holster
A hotkey and four buttons - easy to operate, without a computer
Standard AAA rechargeable batteries
Power-saving design -2 AAA batteries can work 600 hours
Rechargeable batteries can be used - cost savings
.1000R / H when overload indicator - to ensure personal safety
1600 data points (average / maximum) - allow the caller to analyze the data again
Computer graphics software in real time - can be better guidance and training
Operating sectional adjustable - the operator / user groups achieve the best results
Transmission of alarm - use area monitoring
Large image display
Simple user interface

Dose rate / count rate / grade: display and alarm
Real dose calculation and alarm
Durable shockproof
Strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability
Energy-saving technologies

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