Distributor: IR-2 dual-band emissivity tester, far infrared tester

Distributor: IR-2 dual-band emissivity tester, far infrared tester

Product description:

Distributor: IR-2 dual-band emissivity tester, far infrared tester

Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Hua Ruisen distributor: IR-2 dual-band emissivity tester, tester uses far infrared reflectivity method of testing principles, namely through the use of active analytes measured blackbody radiation normal to the surface reflectance , and then measure the emission rate to its law in a particular infrared. The instrument can measure in 3 ~ 5um, 8 ~ 14um, 1 ~ 22um three bands emissivity normal samples. users with special needs, through a dedicated temperature control heating apparatus, at room temperature to 300 ℃ temperature range heating samples, emissivity variable temperature measurements. The instrument is mainly used to measure infrared stealth study of military equipment, infrared baking, building materials, paper, textile and other industries of the material properties of infrared radiation. currently using nuclear techniques in the Northwest, Southeast University, and other units.

Instrument features:

1. The instrument has a small standard blackbody radiation sources, the use of six precision microcomputer temperature controller (can be displayed to 1mk), the instrument is not only a stable wide spectral measurement range, and greatly improve the reliability of the instrument at the time of measurement and stability.

2. Using a unique optical modulation technique, the measurement is not affected by the measured surface radiation and environmental radiation.

3. In the instrument design, taking into account the sample diffuse reflectance measurement errors caused, in addition to mirror (MR) probe channel, also added a special diffuse reflectance (DR) compensation channel, thus ensuring measurement accuracy.

4. In the signal processing technology and electronics technology and microelectronics technology uses lock, to better achieve the detection of weak signals, and further improve the performance of the instrument.

5. The instrument is simple, easy to use, rapid.

6. Replace the filter as needed, for testing in multiple infrared spectral band.

7. In the measurement process does not damage the sample.

8. The instruments with RS-232 serial port and reset button RST.

Main Specifications

1. Measure Band: 3 ~ 5um; 8 ~ 14um; 1 ~ 22um

(If you have special requirements, can be customized with different band filters)

2. The emission rate measurement range: 0.1 to 0.99

3. sensitivity NE • ε: 0.001

4. Indication error: ± 0.02 (ε) 0.50)

5. Repeatability: ± 0.01

6. Sample temperature: room temperature (special user is normal ~ 300 ℃)

7. Sample Size: Ф50mm

8. Measurement time: 3 seconds after pressing the measure key E, ε measured value is displayed.

9. Display method: LED digital display, bottom 0.001

10. Power: AC 220V 50HZ

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