TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester

TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester

Product description:

Distributor: TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester; TSS-5X far infrared radiation rate tester; far infrared tester

Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., China's regional distributor: TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester also known as TSS-5X far infrared radiation rate tester, far infrared tester, this measure can be very simple and high-precision The way to measure radiation rate at room temperature in a variety of objects.

TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester, TSS-5X far infrared radiation rate tester, far infrared tester had cars has been developed through the universe, the cutting-edge technology classification atomic force, the semiconductor industry, etc. used from the study start hatsu applied to the production line applications on the utilization of a very wide range available.

Optional: recorder, you can record the measured values ​​and to connect a PC to obtain data and draw curve analysis radiation curve, maximum, minimum, average.

TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester application:

1, emissivity in the thermal design of the machine must be part of the measure;

2, with radiation thermometer to measure object emissivity correction;

Emissivity 3, various parts of the processing / compare before and after treatment;

4; other; strike rate from the part of the object itself radioactive radiation rate;

5, Materials Science, experimental field testing of equipment necessary.

TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester constitution:

1. The infrared radiation source

By heating at a temperature in the hemisphere after the black body furnace, the test compound concentration irradiation.

2. Infrared inspection sub-prime

Part of the energy reflected from the sample, and fired into the hemispherical black body furnace vertices holes, with a certain percentage to do testing.

Note: The ratio is based on the structure of the optical system to decide.

3. The radiation rate calculation circuit

Output from the reflected energy verifier, calculus sample emissivity.

Note: The sample reflectivity and emissivity of the relationship as follows: r εε = 1-r

The emissivity correction represented Zhi

Use the attached reference sheet emissivity (ε = 0.06 and 0.94) make the correction

Measuring principle: the use of far infrared radiation sources thermostat will calculate the energy of the reflected energy after irradiation.

Measurement Wavelength: 2-22μm

Measuring range: 0.00-1.00

Rated Accuracy: ± 0.01

Measurement area: Φ15mm

Measuring distance: 12mm (fixed foot column detection head unit)

Analyte temperature: 10-40 ℃ (room temperature)

Output: 0-0.1V, 0-1V (full load)

Operating temperature: 10-45 ℃

Humidity: 35-85% RH (no condensation, state Frost)

Power supply: AC100V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz

Dimensions: Detection head Φ51X137mm (0.5Kg) body H170X W306xD230mm (5Kg)

Attachments: emissivity 0.940.06 reference sheet for each one.

TSS-5X far infrared emission rate tester some users: North Chicago Motor, Zojirushi magic bottle, Sony electronics, Sharp Motors, Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyoda Gosei, Asahi Glass, Sumitomo Metal, Toshiba motors, Konica, Shin-Etsu Chemical, Shimadzu manufacture, Sumitomo Special Metals and the like.

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