Environmental γ dose rate measurement system FH40G + FHZ672E-10

Environmental γ dose rate measurement system FH40G + FHZ672E-10

Product description:

Environmental γ dose rate measurement system FH40G + FHZ672E-10

Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales: FH40G + FHZ672E-10 environment γ dose rate measurement system, Price: 205,000.00 yuan / Taiwan

, FH40G series is to monitor the γ-ray dose and dose rate portable detector designed its internal correspondence within the probe can accurately measure from natural background (about 100 nSv / h) to the highest value (1 Sv / h) range radiation dose. Powerful operating software and a range of the latest type of external probes can meet the highest requirements in the field of health physics. more for inspections in such areas as radiation.

FH40G series is a very easy to use digital measuring device for measuring dose rate and radiation pollution. Its versatile system can be completed almost all of the radiation protection measurements and meet various operational requirements. Number of external probes can be used with detector connection, α, β, γ irradiated measuring pollution levels affected area or employees and retain all calibration parameters. When connected FHZ 752 neutron detector in the mixed radiation field, it can simultaneously measure the neutron and γ radiation and two different levels of alarm can adjust FH40G + FHZ672E-10 environment γ dose rate measurement system to quickly and easily change or add detector function, especially in emergency situations even more advantages:

l Radiation Safety (Authority; customs port; weapons inspection; transport monitoring; emergencies; fire department)

l Medical Sciences (Nuclear Medicine; medical intervention; X diagnosis; Water / air monitoring; health checks; individual counters)

l nuclear power plant (environmental monitoring; nuclear leak detection; nuclear waste monitoring; iodine / aerosol quantitative)

l Industry (density measurement; quality control; food monitoring; scrap metal analysis; waste monitoring)

l Protection class: IP67 (waterproof up to 1 meter)

l Battery life:) 250 hours (AA / LR6 batteries);) 500 hours (lithium battery)

l PTB testing and certification: Z23.03 / 95.26

l NRPB testing and certification

l testing and certification by the German Fire brigades: DL / FW / IdF029819, can be used in fire

First, the environment γ dose rate measurement system FH40G + FHZ672E-10 Configuration Requirements

System Host

Natural background subtraction (NBR) Detector

II. Technical Specifications

FH40G + FHZ672E-10 environment γ dose rate measurement system host

Detector Type: proportional counter tube

Measuring constant: the photon dose rate equivalent [H * (10)]

Measuring range: 10nSv / h ~ 1Sv / h

Load volume: 50 Sv / h

Detection efficiency: More than 50 Sv / h (DIN6818) is ignored determinations

Energy range: 36 keV ~ 1.3MeV

Angle dependency: a unit change in the angle between the longitudinal axis of -75 ° ~ + 75 ° is less than 20%

Reading error rate:. Typical (5%, max 20%; at 137Cs radiation (E = 662 keV)

Protection class: IP 67 (waterproof up to 1 meter deep)

Battery life:) 250 hours (AA / LR6 batteries);

Rate electromagnetic field: IEC 1000-4-3; EN61000-4-3; 10V / m; 80 MHz-1GHz

Radiation than intended: EN55011 (Class B)

Electrostatic compensation: 8kV, IEC 801-2

Detector sensitivity: 2.0 Imp / μSv / h

Analysis logarithmic bar graph display 30 years

In the measuring range dose and dose rate alarm continuously adjustable;

Show maximum and average dose rate in the last operation;

Independent external detector alarm;

Built-in data memory 256, corresponding to the internal and external probe measurements were recorded date and time;

The device can be connected to external probe;

Connecting external probe display will automatically switch to the appropriate mode and displays the type of the radiation detection probe.

Atmospheric pressure: 300 hPa ~ 1300 hPa

Relative humidity: 10% to 95%

Detector Size: 25mm; Φ25.8mm

Automatic selection range

Measurement digital display, can automatically draw the next 30 years of decay logarithmic bar graph;

Dose rate alarm, the display light and sound prompt and pulse with a pulse frequency of the acoustic signal corresponding to the dose rate of change;

Timely warning the battery is low;

Storage cumulative dose; value after each shutdown is still stored in the instrument; until manually reset;

Timing mode selectable measurement time, with the default minimum 400 pulses to accurately determine the dose rate, especially for the low emissivity measurement magnitude.;

Interval memory mode can be selected by key or manually set the time;

The detector is connected to the computer via an infrared serial cable; FH40G program parameters and choose to install the required functions; and as a configuration file stored on the hard disk;

Online graphic digital display and storage, as well as the internal buffer data read operation can be performed by running the 'FH40G' program;

FH40G + FHZ672E-10 environment γ dose rate measurement system of natural background subtraction (NBR) Detector:

Environmental γ dose rate measurement

We have to distinguish between natural radioactivity and artificial radioactivity technology, and provide relevant evidence.

Probe types: high-sensitivity plastic scintillator 90 * 90mm, built NaI detector

Measuring range: 1nSv / h ~ 100μSv / h

Energy range: 48keV ~ 4.4MeV relative response of the difference (± 15% (relative to the reference 137Cs γ radiation)

Artificial γ radioactivity detection limit: (20% natural radiation dose rate values

Detection efficiency: 2000S-1 / μSv / h (137Cs)

Linear: 10% (100nSv / h ~ 100μSv / h)

Angular response: ± 45 °

Dead Time: 0.6μs

Chong pressure: 600 ~ 1300hPa

The output pulse width: 0.8μs

Battery life:) 30 hours (AA / LR6 batteries);

Using ADF filtration device, capable of a slight increase in radiation levels make rapid detection. Can for Am / Be, 252CF be indicative alarm.

Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

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