PM1208M electronic personal dosimeter watch

PM1208M electronic personal dosimeter watch

Product description:

PM1208M electronic personal dosimeter watch

PM1208M electronic personal dosimeter watch coffee it is a γ-ray detectors, PM1208m electronic personal dosimeter watch company launched by the Belarusian Polimaster, it is for the control of radiation situation and the level of personnel Exposed designed. PM1208m electronic watch personal dosimeters can be used to work in a professional radiation changes in the environment, PM1208m electronic personal dosimeter watch can also be used for radiation ecological problems concern ordinary people. PM1208 electronic personal dosimeter watch 24 hours a day to provide control over radiation situation, indicating ambient dose equivalent rate (DER), ambient dose equivalent (DE) and DE accumulation time in more than a preset DE and DER will sound an alarm. Swiss-made quartz watch RONDA763 ensure the reliability and accuracy of the list of travel time. PM1208m LED display has a calendar and alarm functions include ordinary electronic watch. PM1208 wristwatch type γ detectors latest design guaranteed to 100 meters deep in the water to work properly. backlight allows users to control the instrument and reading in the dark.

1, a wider detection range and higher detection accuracy
2, timing accuracy: precision Swiss watch module Ronda763 ensures reliable watch time indication reading
3, excellent waterproof performance: Housing IP68 protection rating, can provide waterproof to underwater 100m
4, electro-luminescent backlight allows you even in the night also can clearly read
5, the new high-strength lightweight shell and leather strap for the use of personnel to provide better wear feeling
6, continuous use long: CR2032 lithium battery to ensure continuous use within 18 months
7, innovative design: PM1208 real-time monitoring of the environment and design-ray dose
8, both the detection of environmental pollution, but also to detect dose cumulative sum. To provide maximum protection for the personnel in nuclear radiation in the work environment.

Technical Parameters


Geiger - Mueller tube

DER (dose equivalent rate) records and indicates the range

0.01-9999.99μSv / h

DER threshold range
Adjust the step size

0.01-9999.99μSv / h

DE (dose equivalent) records and indicates the range
(Upper threshold is determined by the application of battery life)


DE threshold range
Adjust the step size


Accuracy (0.01-9999.999mSv) DE recorded


Energy response range


power supply


In the natural radiation background levels, a battery (CR2032) continuous operating life

≥ 18 months

Quartz watch movement

Ronda 763 (Switzerland)

Quartz watch movement Power


Quartz movement battery (SR621SW) life

≥ 36 months

Protection class
Water resistance

IP68 weather
100 meters deep

Operating temperature range

0-+ 45 ℃


50 * 45 * 20mm

Weight (including battery)

95 grams

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