Personal dosimeter personal dose Alarm

Personal dosimeter personal dose Alarm

Product description:

PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm)

PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) using a reliable Geiger - Muller detector light; durable; waterproof; with a belt clip; interface reports the accident scene dose and easy to use with a non-technical personnel residence time data Accident data stored in memory; PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeters (personal dose Alarm) The data can be downloaded into the PC, used for processing and analysis.

PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) Application:

nuclear power plant
Radiation Safety Officer
Industrial monitoring
Government research labs
Dangerous goods monitoring
University Lab
X-ray technician
Radioactive waste processing department

PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) is only designed for government, law enforcement or public sector non-technical personnel design, with advanced features and easy to use, inexpensive radiation dosimeters. It has a user-selected γ radiation alarm detection and satisfy personal radiation detector (PRD) to design purposes, making it the ideal device for a large number of configuration in most areas of industrial, medical, emergency response and the like.
In radiation emergency incident, configuration PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeters (personal dose Alarm) the first response team to the device on his belt clip, the normal response procedures, do not effortless monitoring of a large radioactive 'hot zone' . PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) with ultra-small, anti-shock and waterproof housing, as soon as it detects γ radiation, it will alert the operator by means of vibration or sound.
PalmRAD 1621 is equipped with a personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) will provide users with protection, your personal health and safety in the monitoring, he can concentrate on the more urgent task to deal with.
PalmRAD 1621 personal (personal dose Alarm) is designed in two doses of effective communication with the user: the accident scene in the residence time and contains the lowest level of the natural background dose rate personal information.

Tests show: PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) than commonly used Geiger Mueller ¬- Hu Chuan is more sensitive detection and response more sensitive radiation easy to use, high sensitivity, and in resistance to harsh environmental conditions. so PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeters (personal dose Alarm) become an essential tool in emergency response situations under the most urgently needed.
PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) satisfy the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61526 standard radiation protection survey meter. It is for monitoring the treatment of any individual photon radiation γ radiation level professionals are also effective, and sensitive enough to record minor changes under the above natural background levels.
In this machine nonvolatile memory can store in memory up to 1000 accident data occurred (including accidents and alarm time, and alarm levels exceed pre-set thresholds.) All these data can be sent to the track via IR PC, for the processing, analysis and control.

PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm) Technical Specifications:

Detector: Geiger - Mueller tube
Dose equivalent rate (DER) measuring range Hp (10): 0.01μSv / h-1Sv / h
Energy response range: 10.0Kev-20.0Mev

Drop test height (concrete floor): 0.7 m
Protection: IP67
The use of the environment:
Humidity: -40 ℃ - + 60 ℃
Relative humidity: 35 ℃ when, to 98%
Power: AA alkaline batteries, a
Battery life (under natural conditions): 12 months
Battery discharge indicator (insufficient emergency): ICD indication
Size: 87 * 72 * 35mm
Weight (with battery): ≤ 150 克
Additional features: PC communication mode

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