Multifunctional radiation contamination detector

Multifunctional radiation contamination detector

Product description:

TBM-3SRD multifunction radiation contamination detector

Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales: TBM-3SRD multifunction radiation contamination detector, TBM-3SRD multifunction radiation contamination detector built a diameter of 2 '' flat GM tube and speaker, 3 . a range of instruments can detect α, β and γ-rays, reading unit is count / minute (or mR / h) thin window detector was concave, outside a rugged grille protection; whereas TBM-3SR there methacrylic acid β shutters, thin window of the GM tube has a protective effect. antisaturation (anti-saturation) circuit is not partial to the following full-scale line, can detect 100 R / h. You can also choose Sv when ordering in a high radiation field / h units instrument models.

TBM-3SRD multifunction radiation contamination detector small size, light weight and a large area detector, so that it becomes the work surface monitoring or checking the palms, fingers and clothing places an effective tool of radioactive contamination in the fire department, Ambulance Service, Police, emergency treatment and personal use (such as measuring the body; Cars; luggage; housing surface, etc.) performance is particularly prominent.


Of α, β and γ-ray sensitive high

2 '' flat GM tube detector
One-hand operation

Built-in speakers
Anti-saturation circuit

For TBM-3S or TBM-3SR models β shutters Protection

Technical Specifications

Shape: TBM-3 types: 2-1 / 2 rectangles, TBM-3SRD multifunction radiation contamination detector: 2-1 / 2 Rugged
Switch position: FF; battery tester; X100; X10; X1
Audio: TBM-3 type with built-in speaker, TBM-3S & TBM-3SR-belt voice solid tone generator
Range: 3 range; linear; 0-5000-50000-50000 cpm (0-0.151.515 mR / h)

Detector: T-1190 flat GM tube shape
Diameter: 5 cm

Window diameter: 1-3 / 4 ''; 4.5 cm
Window thickness: 1.5 mg / cm2

Quenching gas: halogen, long life tube
Background: typical 50 cpm, counting tube thin side (13 mm) to provide a low background
Efficiency: For all have to penetrate the thin window of α and β rays, efficiency is 100%

Sensitivity: 150 cpm / μ R / h, standard calibration source of 137Cs
Physical Dimensions: 7.6 * 13.3 * 6 cm, not including monitors and handles
β shutters: methacrylic acid system, 0.125 '', 3.1 mm.
Calibration: single sample calibration, respectively, each span calibration
Power: 9V nominal 'transistor' battery; Eveready 1222 carbon batteries or mercury cells or batteries Eveready E146X
Battery life: under normal operating conditions may be 100 hours
Handle: anodized polished aluminum rotary type (for TBM-3SR (DL), you can choose if requested detachable handle)
Weight: 625 g

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