Vertical movement collapsed car ECG analysis system load -Sana Cardio 350F

Vertical movement collapsed car ECG analysis system load -Sana Cardio 350F

Product description:

Vertical movement collapsed car ECG analysis system load -Sana cardio 350F

Germany Sana cardio 350F movement collapsed car vertical load ECG analysis system (formerly the old model 150F upgrade) is based on a vertical collapse vehicle technology security dynamometer is widely used in the field of nuclear medicine and other special security. Sana cardio 350F movement collapsed car ECG system complies with European safety standards: DIN 13405 and DIN VDE 0750-238.

Germany Sana cardio 350F movement collapsed car vertical technical performance:

Power supply: 230-249 V; 50 Hz or 115 V; 60 Hz

Interface: RS-232, USB interface (electrically isolated)

Size / bottom: 60 kg / 40x 83 厘米

European safety standards: DIN 13405 bzw. E DIN VDE 0750-238

Braking principle: By measuring the torque generated by the computer-controlled eddy current brake, without affecting the number of revolutions per minute.

Load Range: 20-800 watts

Speed ​​range: 30-130 rev / min

Load accuracy: 3%, of not less than 3 watts

Display: 320 x 240 pixels, LCD, CCFT backlit, alphanumeric display dynamometer, graphics, and user instructions, programming and maintenance information.

Pulse measurement: priority principle: 1. ECG 2. optoelectronics, 3. heartbeat recording measuring range 35-240 heartbeat

Adjustable seat: the 1.2 to 2.1 meters tall and the patient be adjusted

Adjustable handlebar: the 1.2 to 2.1 m tall vertical or horizontal adjustment of patients

Germany Sana cardio 350F movement collapsed car vertical (matching domestic passive exercise stress ECG analysis):

Exercise stress ECG analysis analysis parameters:

The real synchronous 12-lead ECG test and measurement analysis

Real-time exercise ECG continuous recording, do not miss any second of ECG changes;

Full-lead ECG in real-time on-line analysis and storage.

Digital collection; RFA increment filtering technology / hardware module digital down dry / intelligent anti Zero Drift system; high quality; high-resolution ECG obtained;

Correspondence analysis sporty ST segment;

ST analysis and graphical real-time display and post-processing capabilities

Versatile multi-sport presets and custom exercise program

Report Optional / multi edit mode / database statistics

Powerful database statistical functions; network compatible.

It supports a variety of operating systems; automatic exercise ECG test; abnormal situation prompts alert

Extended Feature Support: exercise blood pressure, real-time thermal printer

Digital ECG signal acquisition system

Through a standard RS-232 / USB communication interface, isolation voltage up to 4000V between data communication and control complete with computers.

Using the latest 'isolation communication signal energy conversion' technology does not require any additional power supply or battery support, can complete a variety of ECG lead system amplification and analog to digital conversion.

Sampling rate per channel 1000S / s, sampling accuracy 14

Multiple digital filter makes clear and accurate recording results

RFA increment filtering techniques (ECG graph Enhancer-Finite Residual Filter Algorithm algorithm), hardware digital noise reduction module, even in the state of motion (baseline drift / twitch / electromagnetic interference and other factors), but also to extract the signal, resulting in a clear and effective detailed ECG ST segment analysis and evaluation. do not change the analysis of ECG, ECG measurement evaluation table and the original QRS wave, in order to gain valuable ECG.

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