ECC870mA / mAs mA stopwatch watch digital mAs table

ECC870mA / mAs mA stopwatch watch digital mAs table

Product description:

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. of China's total company sales of US ECC quality control instrument X-ray machine / X-ray machine performance testing equipment, there are: 870 mA / mAs mA stopwatch watch digital mAs table; Model 820 type non-intervention X- line kilovolt table; kVp kV mAs mA stopwatch and exposure table timetable; Model 890 X-ray diagnostic dosimeter (X-ray machine X-ray machine dose meter Gy / uGy meter)


 US ECC 870 mA / mAs mA stopwatch mAs table table digital compact portable, easy to operate

 any type of measuring current X-ray

 Single-phase full-wave multiphase DC

 new high-standard circuit

 automatic reset

 built-in 9-volt battery

 suitable for medical or dental X-rays

 for digital X-ray

 each reading display mA mA, mA mA per second / s and the exposure time


 US ECC 870 mA / mAs mA stopwatch mAs meter digital meter for measuring the X-ray generator tube current

 calculate the number of seconds of exposure time and milliamperes milliamperes

 two leads connected in series via a tube current

 calculate the exposure time in milliseconds

 new and improved circuit to improve the accuracy and reliability

 providing automatic detection of AC / DC

 do not need to re-set

 automatic storage and display mA, to minimize X-ray exposure of multiple

typical application

 US ECC 870 mA / mAs mA stopwatch mAs digital table shows the exposure value milliampere per second to check by measuring X-ray tube filament emission

 Check and adjust the mA settings

 Check the X-ray exposure time

 X-ray calibration timer

 ensure quality

 measuring the exposure time

 analysis of X-ray fault


 US ECC 870 mA / mAs table digital stopwatch mAs mA full-scale table is divided into 0.1 -200 mA and 200 mA -2 amperes two block (via the ON / OFF button to select the range)

-200 MA at 0.1 gear

 accuracy of 0.1 mA (milliamps or mA per second)

10 ohm input impedance

 Ampere at 200 mA -2 gear

 accuracy of 1 milliamp (mA or mA per second)

1 ohm input impedance

 instrument automatically selects AC / DC

 through the ON / OFF button to select the range

MA / mA accuracy per second

 full scale 1% + / - 2 mA

Connection: Jakes test head, test leads with two alligator clips

Display: 5.5mm LCD display, two lines of 16-character alphanumeric Processor

 On / Off / Range Button

24 character LCD display

 display each exposure milliamps, mA and exposure time readings per second

Power supply: 9 volt battery bottom configuration, the instrument automatically prompts power shortage

Power usage time: 100 hours of continuous use, under normal circumstances normal year

Size: 80 X 147 X 40 毫米

Weight 250 g

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