Xγαβ nuclear radiation meter, activity meter, γ spectrometers, nuclear radiation protective lead aprons, etc.

Xγαβ nuclear radiation meter, activity meter, γ spectrometers, nuclear radiation protective lead aprons, etc.

Product description:

Xγαβ nuclear radiation instrument; activity meter; γ spectrometer; nuclear radiation protective lead aprons, etc.

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1.1 US ECC890 X-ray dose and exposure time of the test table

1.2ECC870mA / mAs mA stopwatch watch digital mAs table

1.3Model 820 kVp table table type mAs and exposure schedule

1.4Model 815 kVp table type and exposure schedule

1.5Rm-905a medical radionuclide activity meter (isotope activity meter gauge) (domestic)

1.6CRC-25R radionuclide activity meter (isotope activity meter gauge) (United States, stock)
2, FLOW-COUNT -HPLC radioactivity detector (the United States, stock)
3, TLC TLC scanner radioactive (The Mini-Scan TLC Scanner, United States)
4, American Alert type metal nuclear radiation detector (the United States, stock)
5, RDS-30 nuclear radiation measuring instrument; RDS-110 multipurpose nuclear emitted radiation detector (Finland, spot)

5.2RDS-80 surface nuclear contamination meter (nuclear radiation surface contamination meter)

6.9DP pressurized ionization chamber radiation survey meter, 451P / B ionization chamber nuclear logging devices (USA)
7.900 multifunction digital radiation meter (US stock)
8. Germany GAMMA-SCOUT multifunction digital radiation meter (Germany, spot)
9.1 American Alert type metal products radiation detector (USA multifunction ray apparatus, spot) Price: Offer

9.2 US Inspector series α, β, γ and X radiation detector (USA multifunction ray apparatus, spot) Price: Offer

9.3 US Inspector EXPα, β, γ and X radiation detector (Multi-ray apparatus Inspector EXP), shelf

9.4 US PalmRAD 907 Handheld α, β, γ and X radiation detector, nuclear radiation detector

9.5 US EXP Handheld Product nuclear radiation detector, shelf

10.1RAD-60 personal dose Alarm (Finland, spot

10.2 technetium isotope analyzer, isotope analyzer, isotope 99Tc, 131-I, 125-I analyzer.

10.3PDS-100G / GN neutron, γ survey meter gamma ray and neutron detector, nuclear radiation detector Price: Power Inquiry

13.4NeutronRAE II gamma ray and neutron detector Price: Power Inquiry

10.4PM1703 Chuan Hu machine type γ detector / PalmRAD 1621 personal dosimeter (personal dose Alarm)

10.5YT0608 personal dose Alarm.

10.6DMC2000GN γ neutron personal dose monitoring instrument; DMC2000S electronic personal dosimeters; DMC2000XB electronic χγβ personal dose monitoring instrument, EPDMK2 type Xγβ electronic personal dosimeters

10.7BR 2000D TLD system, BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace, Price: Power Inquiry

11. The portable nuclear radiation decontamination systems, decontamination of nuclear emergency rescue package

12. SD660N fixed χ, γ radiation alarm device (domestic and spot)

12. ABPM203P portable α, β aerosol monitors

13. Lead ray protective clothing imports (imports; complete specifications; stock) Price: Power Inquiry
14. Ray protective lead collar, lead caps, lead glasses, lead gloves (imported; complete specifications; stock) Price: Power Inquiry

14.1 radioactive waste storage tank lead tank, the radiation enclosure, protected vehicles, radioactive waste containers, fume hoods, lead glass, radiation protection waste barrel radioactive waste tank protection
15.250L horizontal motion treadmill ECG analysis system

16. ERS-2-s analysis of radon and radon thorium thoron exhalation rate meter

17, Germany 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor

17.2N2 neutron survey meter, neutron rem counter, neutron dose equivalent meter

17.3 import 12-lead Holter analysis system, TJS-18 pilot digital video EEG

18; BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace; Price: Power Inquiry

18.2BR 2000D TL dosimeters, heat dosimetry systems Price: Power Inquiry

20. The surface contamination meter (surface contamination meter) RDS-80

21. AD200 three tanks, 9606B ionization chamber dosimeter, SD-660A radiation dosimeter Price: Power Inquiry

21.1Triathler liquid scintillation counter Price: Power Inquiry

22, CF-901 portable large volume air sampler

23; PRM-470 series of portable neutron; γ-line survey meter; nuclear radiation detector Price: Power Inquiry

24, HDS-100G / GN γ spectrometer (handheld γ neutron survey meter); SAM940 NaI portable γ spectrometer; GR135 portable γ spectrometer, nuclear radiation detector

25; R280 αβγX multifunction handheld radiation detector; nuclear radiation detector

26; NE301 intelligent scaler; radiation dose monitor; Price: Power Inquiry

27. UNISCAN-1000 pedestrian entrance Detector

28, UNISCAN-1000 and a radioactive metal detector gate

28, RTM910 vehicle entrance door of radioactive substances monitoring system

29; PGT-950-2G-type NaI portable γ spectrometer; handheld isotope identification device; nuclear radiation detector

30, HDS-100G / GN γ spectrometer (handheld γ neutron survey meter)

31, GE high-voltage ionization chamber radiation monitor (γ radiation environment continuous monitoring system)

32; IR-2 dual-band emissivity tester; far infrared tester

33; JPS-5X far infrared emission rate tester; JPS-5X far infrared radiation rate tester; far infrared tester

34; Taiwan 302 far-infrared radiation rate tester; infrared radiation rate tester

35, hand-held paper waste plastics scrap steel nuclear radiation detector

366150AD-b high sensitivity environmental level γ dose rate meter

36.1, FH40G + FHZ672E-10 environment γ dose rate measurement system

36.2, FH40GX + FH40TG telescopic rod-type high-dose radiation meter

37, HR9511 type Xγ nuclear radiation detector

38, RadEye-PRD high sensitivity portable radiation detector

39, RadEye-B20 portable radiation detectors

40, H500-utility αβγ and X radiation meter

41. EUROPROBE Surgical Oncology handheld needle detector γ nuclide probe

42, wipe test counter / well type NaI gamma counting instrument

43, Harshaw5500 TL element automatic measuring system

44, HARSHAW TLD3500 manual TL meter

45, RE-2000S semi-automatic thermoluminescent dosimeter reading apparatus.

46, RE-2000A Automatic thermal dosimeters reading apparatus

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