AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner

AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner

Product description:

AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales: US BIOSCAN company AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner radioisotopes for all samples were directly counted and ensures experiments and radiochemical purity measurement accuracy .AR-2000 Thin layer of radioactive scanner in ten minutes to 1000DPM of 3H or 14C 100DPM a complete scan imaging .AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner completed 500px * 500px plate full two-dimensional analysis (analysis 3H within 1 ~ 4hours, 14C).
AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner suitable radiopharmaceutical research and pharmacokinetics in. Capable of positron emitters and 99mTc, 111In, 131I-labeled radiopharmaceuticals and other radiochemical purity determination.
AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner analyzes 3H time directly on a TLC plate, gel or samples measured count, no scratches, paper cutting.
AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner Winscan 3.0 AR-2000 software can display the entire range of scanning situations in the window having timely collection of data, the peak detection and location, automatic integration, data evaluation, develop a variety of reports and output characteristics, etc. .
AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner Winscan 2D image scanning software. Winscan 2D imaging scanning software can scan two-dimensional imaging sample processing and one-dimensional scanning as simple as simply good step choreography and count the time required, and then Let the machine automatically scans can be monochrome or full-color display radioactivity distribution maps, can be automatically or manually scale maps with 2D map can automatically find peaks and integration, direct output or print color images.

AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner technical parameters:

Sensitivity: 100DPM 18F; 14C; 32P; 100DPM3H; 125I;
Line resistance: 1% or less;
Resolution: 0.5-3mm;
Background: (0.15DPM / min;
AR-2000 TLC radioactive scanner Weight: 20kg

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