RIIDEye handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

RIIDEye handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

Product description:

RIIDEye handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

China Regional Sales: US Thermo RIIDEye Series handheld isotope identification device (also known as: γ spectrum analyzer) to meet various user requirements are as follows: the requirements for fast response on-site first responders have the advantages of easy operation, while for Experienced users can achieve a detailed analysis of the requirements of this machine to give all users a variety of operating modes provide the information you need - just need to move a finger.


Completely hand-held portable isotope identification system

A variety of radionuclides while accurately identify one second kind (real time) of

Color logo display and sound levels given rapid assessment accident

Special nuclear material (SNM) detection, optional neutron detector to strengthen this function

ANSI-compliant 88 kinds of isotopes nuclides library, expandable to 125 kinds

Integral analysis and dose rate calculations for radionuclide identification

With the Micro flash memory cards (Compact Flash Card) or network spectrum and easily configure data transmission to PC

Used to replace the convenience of AA battery to maintain more than six hours of work


Emergency Response • Medical monitoring • enforcement inspection

Radiation Safety • Homeland Security • covert surveillance

Industrial security • Health Physics • monitoring of dangerous goods

• Environmental monitoring of the implementation of non-proliferation of waste

Passengers and aircraft monitoring • Automatic / Remote Monitoring

Detector selection:

RIIDEye system has several detector options

Sodium iodide: High efficiency; the best cost; and the application of advanced algorithms in real-time to identify the peaks and isotope source identification

Lanthanum bromide: This kind of new material for a typical resolution 662kev peak is 3%, to ensure an unparalleled spectrum analysis capability report

Lithium detector: For sensitive nuclear material detection or secure weapons-grade plutonium, for PGT system optional lithium (6Li) detector, which can be used

Model selection:

1, RIIDEye-2-G Defender isotope identification device 2x2 NaI

2, RIIDEye-2-GN Defender GN with neutron isotope identification device 2x2 NaI / LiI

3, RIIDEye-3-G Revealerr portable γ spectrometer (isotope identification device) 3x3 inch NaI

4, RIIDEye-3-GN Revealer GNr portable γ spectrometer (with neutron isotope identification device) 3x3 inch NaI / LiI

5, RIIDEye-2-L Resolver r high resolution portable γ spectrometer (High Resolution isotope identification device) 1.5x1.5 inch LaBr

Technical Parameters:

Detector: NaI or buy LaBr3

Sensitivity: 3000cps / μSv / h

Dose rate range: 10nSv / h ~ 0.1Sv / h

Total dose range: 100nSv ~ 1Sv

Integrated electronic circuit: digital signal processing MCA

Energy range: 18keV-3MeV

Memory: 10000 standard spectrum

Power: 8 standard AA batteries

Controller Display: 320x240 bright, 32,000 kinds of color, 3.5 "LCD

Waterproof / dustproof performance: IP56

Controller I / O: 10/100 network ports, optional RS-232 adapter cable

Control: single-finger operation for 7-key keyboard

Weight: 4.5 pounds (with 2 "x 2" NaI detector and battery)

Temperature range: -20- + 50 ℃

Size: 12 "(L) x 4" (high) x 5 "(W) (excluding probe)

Optional components: serial GPS receiver spectrum report graphs.

Professional Quantum spectral analysis software (optional)

ADC type: 14 Quick baseline conversion

Scale: automatic stabilizers varies with temperature

Conversion mode: linear; 2565121024 QCC; 256512 channels (U.S. Patent 5,608,222)

Alarm: The screen visual alarm or built-in speakers (optional headphones) sound alarm

Detachable probe: 2 "x 2" or 3 "x 3" NaI detector (optional) and optional LaBr3 neutron detector with or without scintillation detector, which contains high-voltage power supply

Patented technology: Quadratic compression conversion (QCC), can identify mixed isotope in one second; hysteresis (Hysteresis) technology, within two seconds offers 97% confidence level for the nuclide identification

Customization capabilities: You can use Microsoft Excel in the field or related to isotope and can be modified line; isotopes and can not substantially limit the number of lines; priority alarm sounds and the use of language can be modified

A list of special nuclear material (SNM) or user-defined; ITRAP / IAEA list;; medical source; industrial standard ANSI isotope source: nuclide library

Function: radionuclide identification; spectral analysis; dose rate calculation (rem / Sv), total dose; audio search tools; data registration

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