Radioactive substances monitoring vehicle entrance door system

Radioactive substances monitoring vehicle entrance door system

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Radioactive substances monitoring vehicle entrance door system

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional Sales: VM250A nuclear radioactive substances monitoring vehicle entrance door system for monitoring vehicle was the γ-ray radiation; vehicle speed 8km / h and 20μR / h under the present, can detect high 1000g pure uranium U235 or 10gPu239 (according to ASTM International Standard C 1169 Standard Test)


① column 2, column spacing can be between 10 feet to 32 feet (3 meters to 10 meters);
② fitted on each post two organic plastic scintillation detectors, each detector size of 30 "(high) x6" (wide) x1.5 "(thick) (76x15x95px3), system-wide total detector volume of about 1080 inches 3 (about 17.6 liters);
③ controller; a SC-770 controller installed in the main column; with 256K memory; can store at least three months of data; with a LCD (liquid crystal display), 4 lines x16 characters, with the numeric keypad and RS-232 communication port;
④ an SCA-775 single-channel analyzer;
⑤ a far-infrared position detector;
⑥ provide audible and visual alarm indication;
⑦ built-in battery; rechargeable lithium battery; continuous power supply; continuous operation for 24 hours;
Dimensions: 96 "/ 120" (high) x10 "(width) x10" (thick) (244 / 305x25x625px)
Weight: about 300 pounds (136kg) per column
Options: AM-270 alarm, can provide long-distance (maximum distance from the monitor 300 feet - about 90 meters) of sound and visual alarm.
Origin: United States TSA company

Other notes: Car substance radioactive detection system consists of detection probe (two) and a radionuclide identification (optional), the system controller, the operator of radiation protection instrumentation (optional), operator terminals, traffic light controller (optional) surveillance video system (optional) and application software (optional) component. detection probe are arranged on both sides of the truck passage, the detected signal is sent to the system controller for processing. If the detected radioactive substances, in operation It can be displayed on the terminal corresponding alarm signal, alarm data, and detection data is automatically recorded and printed, while vehicle traffic light controller issues closed to traffic signals. with personal radiation monitoring instruments of professional analysis which is based on radionuclide identification radioactive substances, for subsequent processing.

Data transmission: Car substance radioactive detection system (equipped with a network card and EMS communications network linked, it can detect radioactive detection device, the alarm signal can be connected with the EMS system via EMS network environment.)

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