RIIDEye handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

RIIDEye handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

Product description:

RIIDEye Handheld γ spectrometer isotope identification device

China Regional Sales: US Thermal Power Corporation RIIDEye Series handheld isotope identification device (also known as: γ Spectrum analyzer) to meet various user requirements are as follows: the requirements for fast response on-site first responders have the advantages of easy operation, while for experienced users can achieve a detailed analysis of the requirements of this machine can give a variety of operating modes. All users with information you need - Only you need to move a finger.


l totally hand-held portable isotope identification system

while more accurate identification of radionuclides l1 seconds (real time) the

l with colored logo display and sound levels given rapid assessment accident

l special nuclear material ( SNM ) Probe, optional neutron detector to strengthen this function

lANSI compatible 88 Isotope nuclide library, expandable 125 Seed

l integral analysis and dose rate calculations for radionuclide identification

l With the Micro flash memory card ( Compact Flash Card ) Or network easily transfer spectrum and configuration data to PC machine

l used to replace the convenience of AA Battery maintain over 6 Hours of work


`Emergency Response Medical Monitoring Law enforcement inspection

`Radiation Safety Homeland Security Covert surveillance

`Industrial security Health Physics Dangerous goods monitoring

`Nonproliferation execution Environmental waste monitoring

`Passenger and flight monitoring automatic / Remote Monitoring

Detector selection:

l RIIDEye There are several detector systems to choose from

l sodium iodide: High efficiency; the best cost; and the application of advanced algorithms in real-time to identify the peaks and isotope source identification

l lanthanum bromide: This kind of new material for a typical resolution 662kev peak is 3%, to ensure that the report has unparalleled spectrum analysis capability

l lithium detector: For detection of sensitive nuclear materials or weapons-grade plutonium security system for PGT optional lithium ( 6 Li) detector, which can be used

Model selection:

1. RIIDEye -2-G Defender isotope identification device

2x2 NaI 2. RIIDEye -2-GN Defender GN

Isotope identification device with a neutron 2x2 NaI / LiI 3 . RIIDEye-3-G Revealer (r) portable γ spectrometer

4, isotope identification device 3x3 inch NaI RIIDEye-3-GN Revealer GN (r) portable γ spectrometer

5, with neutron isotope identification device 3x3 inch NaI / LiI RIIDEye-2-L Resolver (r) high-resolution portable γ spectrometer High-resolution isotope identification device

1.5x1.5 inches:

LaBr: Technical parameters l NaI detector Or optional

LaBr: 3

l Sensitivity: 3000cps / μSv / h ~ l dose rate range

10nSv / h: 0.1Sv / h ~ l total dose range

100nSv: 1Sv l integrated electronic circuits

Digital Signal Processing: MCA

l Energy range: 18keV-3MeV l Memory

10000: standard spectrum l Power 8 Standard

AA: battery l controller displays 320x240 highlighting 32,000 kinds of colors.

3.5 ": LCD

l waterproof / dustproof performance: IP56 l Controller I / O 10/100 network port, optional

RS-232: Adapter Cable

l control: for single-finger operation 7 key keyboard l weight (4.5 pounds with)

2 "x 2" NaI: Detectors and Battery l temperature range

-20- + 50: ℃ (l size) 12 "(length) x 4" (high) (x 5 ")

Width: Does not include probe

l Optional Components For serial GPS receiver spectrum report graphs. (L)

Quantum professional spectrum analysis software: Optional lADC Type

14: Bit fast baseline conversion

l scale: l automatic stabilizers varies with temperature conversion mode, linear, 2565121024, Road, QCC 256 (512 channels).

US Patent: 5608222 (l alarm) screen visual alarm or the built-in speaker

Optional headphones: sound alarm l detachable probe 2 "x 2", or (3 "x 3" NaI) detector Optional And buy LaBr

3: with or without a neutron detector scintillation detector, which contains high-voltage power supply (l patented technology), Quadratic compression conversion QCC may be in the (1) second mixed isotope identification; hysteresis Hysteresis technology, in 2 within seconds, radionuclide identification provided

97%: confidence

l customization capabilities: You can use Microsoft Excel in the field or related to isotope and can be modified line; isotopes and can not substantially limit the number of lines; priority alarm sounds and the use of language can be modified l standard ANSI isotope nuclide library . (ITRAP / IAEA) list; medical source; industrial sources; special nuclear material

SNM: or a user-defined list of (l function), radionuclide identification; spectral analysis; dose rate calculation

rem / Sv

The total dose; audio search tools; data registration

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