BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace

BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace

Product description:

BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace

BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace is subjected to heat treatment thermoluminescent detector dedicated device for thermoluminescent detector before (hereinafter referred to as detectors) and irradiated using a heat treatment (annealing). They use before residual dose (posttest remaining dose) and heat treatment used to eliminate background dose detector (produced dose after a period of time), the initial sensitivity and glow curve shape recovery detector; low-temperature annealing after irradiation for eliminating probe The low temperature peak, shorten the measurement period, used for high-volume detector measurements.

BR2000A TL detectors type annealing furnace temperature and time digital display, can be adjusted continuously. The use of a fixed-point temperature calibration, no temperature hysteresis phenomenon, with constant instruction, constant timekeeping and overtemperature protection functions. Has rational design, high precision temperature control, small size, light weight, easy operation and other characteristics, can meet the requirements of all types and shapes of heat detectors, is an ideal TL detector annealing device, the annealing furnace It can also be used in other fields.

Technical performance:

• Temperature range: continuously adjustable from ambient temperature to 400 ℃;

• temperature display: three digital display;

• heater temperature fluctuation: ≤ ± 2 ℃;

• Heating rate: room temperature to 400 ℃ ≤lh;

• annealing furnace outer surface temperature: ≤ 70 ℃ (400 ℃);

• Working Hours: continuous work, 8h internal temperature drift (± 0.5%;

• Thermostat Timing: 0 ~ 240 min in continuous withered, timing accuracy of less than 0.1%;

• Alarm function: When the temperature exceeds the set temperature 5 ℃ disabilities automatic alarm;

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