Handheld αβγ and X radiation meter, nuclear radiation meter

Handheld αβγ and X radiation meter, nuclear radiation meter

Product description:

Distributor: Alert handheld αβγ and X radiation meter, nuclear radiation meter

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Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. distributor in China: USA Alert Handheld α, β, γ and X radiation dose rate detector, also known as the American Alert type α, β, γ and X radiation contamination meter for you provides fast, accurate and convenient radiation detection means. Alert handheld αβγ and X radiation scanner can detect radiation dose rate can be used for surface contamination measurement, Alert Handheld αβγ and X radiation scanner uses a large area GM detection methods, mainly for monitoring inspection scrap steel or iron and steel products, paper, whether radioactive waste plastics excessive radiation (standard is no more than: background + 0.2μSv / hr), but also for the detection of other metals and metal products, ore radioactive content, testing laboratories radiation in the workplace, work surfaces, floors, walls, hands, clothes, shoes, α, β, γ and X nuclear radioactive contamination measurement and dose rate environment, is a cost-effective radiation measuring instruments, Alert Handheld αβγ and X radiation instrument for inspection and quarantine departments, factories, logistics, cargo warehouse, disease control, health and other areas.

Alert handheld αβγ and X radiation scanner commonly used for:

1. Check the scrap steel or steel products, waste paper, waste plastic radiation exposure is excessive (standard is no more than: background + 0.2μSv / hr) Check local radiation exposure and radioactive contamination;

2. Check radon radiation surrounding environment;

3. Check the natural jewelry, stone and other radioactive materials;

4. Check the danger of nuclear radiation landfills and garbage dumps;

5. Detection became a doctor to use X-ray equipment for industrial use of X-ray radiation intensity;

6. Check radium groundwater contamination;

7. Check radioactive underground drill pipe and equipment;

8. Monitoring of air and water pollution around the nuclear reactor;

9. Check the harmful radiation of valuable personal property and jewelry;

10. Check radioactive glass like porcelain tableware;

11. The precise positioning of the radiation source;

12. The detection of home decoration.

Alert handheld αβγ and X radiation scanner technology performance and features:

1; detecting α; β; X; γ-ray; four LCD

2, the surface activity response (R): Rα: = 2.90 (S-1 Bq-1 CM2..) (For Am-241);

Rβ: = 4.93 (S-1 Bq-1 CM2..) (For T1-204);

Repeatability (S): Sα = 6.8% (for Am-241); (S): Sβ = 2.7% (for T1-204)

The basic error (E): Eα = 4.5% (for Am-241); (E): Eβ = 3.47% (for T1-204)

3; count measurement; total number of measurements and dose rate measurement

41 minutes to 24 hours timing measurement

5, the minimum response energy: 20Kev (X, γ-rays), for Cs-137 source is 5.8Cps / μSv / h;

Detection limit: The I-125 is 0.02 micro-Habitat;

7, GM counter tube, the effective diameter of 45mm, mica window density 1.5-2.0mg / Cm³;

8, precision μSv / h: ≤500μSv / h; the range of ≤15%, in 500-1000μSv / h range ≤20%;

CPS: When ≤2500 CPS range ≤15%, in 2500-5000CPS range ≤20%;

9, the unit of measurement: The instrument common units (Mr / h or CPM) or SI units (μSv / h or CPS)

Alert handheld αβγ and X radiation measurement range:

0.001-100mR / hr

0.01-1000μSv / hr


Total number 0-9999000

Accuracy: ± 15%

Power: 9V laminated battery

Dimensions: 145 * 72 * 38mm

Weight: 272g

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