R280 Handheld βγX radiation scanner / nuclear radiation detector

R280 Handheld βγX radiation scanner / nuclear radiation detector

Product description:

Distributor: R280 Handheld βγX radiation scanner / nuclear radiation detector

China's regional distributor: R280 Handheld β; γ; X multifunction nuclear radiation detector (handheld β; γ; X multifunction nuclear radiation meter) provides you with a fast, accurate and convenient means of nuclear radiation detection R280. Handheld αβγX multifunction nuclear radiation detector radiation dose rate can be can be used to detect nuclear radiation surface contamination, is currently on the market price is very good handheld radiation detector. for monitoring radiation in the workplace and surfaces, when the average time setting function, in need; laboratory work surfaces, floors, walls, hands, clothes, shoes, β, γ, X nuclear radioactive contamination measurement and dose rate environment, customers can adjust correction parameters It can greatly enhance and reflect the sensitivity. It is powerful, fully taking into account the use in harsh environments, shock resistance, high strength, high temperature and low temperature, provide reliable and accurate measurement data. R280 Handheld βγX multifunction nuclear radiation detector small size, light weight, high body strength, durable.


R280 Multi-function digital radiation meter can be widely used in laboratories, X-ray machine manufacturers and the use of units, construction materials, laboratories, nuclear power plants, quarries, emergency rescue stations, transport goods, nuclear medicine, isotope application units, metal processing plants, import and export of goods, oil and oil pipeline equipment, CDC and other public security and environmental protection need to measure the radiological safety of the occasion.

R280 Handheld βγX multifunction nuclear radiation detector is used:

1. Check local radiation exposure and radioactive contamination;

2. public security, environmental protection, the CDC and other law enforcement detection;

3. Check the stone and other radioactive materials;

4. Check the danger of nuclear radiation landfills and garbage dumps;

5. Detection became a doctor to use X-ray equipment for industrial use of X-ray radiation intensity;

6. Xγ industrial inspection and safety testing;

7. Check radioactive underground drill pipe and equipment;

8. Monitoring of air and water pollution around the nuclear reactor;

9. Check the harmful radiation of valuable personal property and jewelry;

10. Check radioactive glass like porcelain tableware;

11. The precise positioning of the radiation source;

12. The detection of home decoration;

13. Check whether the excessive radiation exposure of various commodities (standard is no more than: background + 0.2μSv / hr)
14. Check the scrap steel or steel products, waste paper, waste plastic if excessive radiation exposure (standard is no more than: background
+ 0.2μSv / hr ) .

R280 Handheld βγX multifunction nuclear radiation detector Features:

The maximum data retention

Sampling data is automatically stored

It shows the average time is adjustable

Cumulative radiation dose display (0.001μSv - 999999Sv)

Large-screen high-definition LCD display

Only need to calibrate once every 5 years

Ergonomic, comfortable feel

USB computer interface, feature-rich software

Numerical data can be remote to the computer in real-time display and analysis

R280 Handheld βγX multifunction nuclear radiation detector technical performance:

1. Detector: Halogen-filled detector GM

2. Sensitivity: 1μSv under / h of Co-60 radiation environment, 108 pulses or 1000 cpm / mR / hr

3. Energy Response: β-ray: ≥0.2 Mev; γ gamma-ray ≥0.02Mev; X-ray ≥0.02Mev

3. Output Ports: USB computer connection

4. Display: four digits with bar graph display; real-time display of radiation dose rate; count; total dose; cumulative count

5. refreshed once every two seconds, at normal radiation levels given average over the last 30 seconds; with the increase of radiation levels, the average cycle time can be reduced with reference to wrap Range 'and' Show Updates'.

6. Measuring range: dose rate: 0.01μSv / h - 10mSv / h

Count: 0-30000cpm, 0-5000cps

Cumulative radiation dose: 0.001μSv - 999999Sv

Cumulative count: 0-999999

7. Accuracy: (10% (500μSv / h or less) (20% (500μSv / h or more)

8. storage function: can store two one thousand data, manual or automatic storage

9. Temperature Range: -20- + 70 ℃

10. Power: 9V alkaline battery, can work for 200 hours of normal

11. Size: 190mm * 88mm * 40mm;

12. Weight: 500g (with battery)

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