ERS-2-s radon and radon analyzer thorium thoron exhalation rate meter

ERS-2-s radon and radon analyzer thorium thoron exhalation rate meter

Product description:

ERS-2-s radon and radon analyzer thorium thoron exhalation rate meter

Germany ERS-2-S is a versatile radon measurement instrument, measure air and soil radon, thorium, and radon concentration of thorium emanation rate system uses diffusion mode or pumping mode acquisition radon, radon gas into the sealed The counting chamber, its decay daughter produced in the decay of a positively charged walls + 5000V high voltage action gathered detector surface, multi-channel spectrum analyzer continuous acquisition α radioactivity deposited, then the microprocessor According α spectrum identification Po-218 and Po-216 peaks, and calculate the Rn-222 and Rn-220 concentration according to the system parameters.

main feature:

Ø a machine which can measure radon, thorium, and radon thoron exhalation rate.

Ø can be used independently, can also be continuously monitored

Ø cutting-edge technology; excellent quality; durable; life of more than 15 years

Ø Built-in temperature and humidity sensors, the software can automatically calculate calibration measurements

Ø through the USB port to transfer data

Ø with accessories to measure the radon concentration in water

System components:

Ø counting chamber

Ø integrated high voltage power supply (connected to the decay chamber)

Ø charge-sensitive α detector

Ø probe voltage regulator

Ø charge sensitive amplifier

Ø multi-channel analyzer

Ø Real-Time Clock

Ø Microprocessor

Ø integrated control keyboard and LCD display

ØUSB Communication Interface

Ø Analysis Software

Technical Parameters:

Counting chamber volume: 2.65L, diameter 180mm, effective area: 0025 m²

Counting chamber high voltage: 5000V

Detector: α charge sensitive detector (effective area of ​​300 mm² of PIPS detector)

Microprocessor: Dual microprocessors

Software: α spectrometer; measurement control; data calculation

Analyzer: 256, double buffer, 0.1 -1 ms conversion time

Display: Integrated Display; display system control parameters; results and set the update time

Data storage capacity: random access memory can store) 750 calculation results and α spectrum

Data Communications: USB Interface

Battery Backup: No data loss after power failure, the clock continues to operate 60 days

Power: 100 / 240VAC, 50 / 60HZ

Built-in Battery: 6 hours of continuous work; when the system is connected to AC power; the battery is automatically charged

External Battery: Sustainable Power 1 week (optional)

Built-in pump flow rate: 150 l / h

Flowmeter (optional): 10 l / h -250 l / h

Sensor: Built-in relative humidity and temperature sensor, the software can automatically calculate calibration measurements

Dimensions: 330 mm x 260 mm x 280 mm (L * W * H);

Weight: 10.5Kg

work condition:

Temperature: + 5 ° C - + 40 ° C.

Relative Humidity: 15% - 95% (non-condensing)

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