CF-901 portable large volume air sampler

CF-901 portable large volume air sampler

Product description:

CF-901 portable large volume air sampler

Beijing Hua Ruisen Technology Development Co., Ltd. China Regional sales agent: France HI-Q company CF-901 portable large volume air sampler is a reliable, low-cost, high-performance air sampler

Second-order fans, brush motors

Manual speed

Resettable, elapsed time timer

Instantaneous flow reading

Continuous or intermittent use

Portable / Seismic shell, weighs less than 4.5kg

This continuous sampling-cost / high-performance air sampler suitable for radioactive iodine and aerosols and dust of simple sampling.

CF-901 portable large volume air sampler

Made of sturdy aluminum alloy, weighs less than 4.5kg. Lightweight and durable construction ensures fast sampling under any conditions.

CF-901 portable large volume air sampler features:

Flow range: 60-340 l / min high flow air sampler, 115VAC, including 1 1/2 'female standpipe interface for connection CF901 holder.

Motor / pump: brush, second centrifugal fan

Shell: 8¼ x 10 x 11½ ', aluminum housing

Maximum flow: 12 CFM (FP2063-20) & 6.5 CFM (FP5211-20)

Sampling Timer: Electronic; resettable; LCD display; 5-year internal battery; display sampling time

Means Net Weight: 9.5 pounds

Shipping Weight and Size: 12 pounds

Power features: 230VAC, 50 / 60Hz

Paper size: 2 inch diameter (50mm) main technical indicators.

Rotameter display instantaneous flow, flow continuously adjustable size.

CF-901 portable large volume air samplers single set of configuration:

1. Air Sampler (Model: CF-901/230) 1 station

2. Sampling head (Model: CFH-20) 1 只

3. The filter paper (Model: FP2063-20) 1 box (pack of 100)

4. Optional: Tripod (Model: TR-1) 1 只

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