Gamma neutron detectors, personal dosimeter

Gamma neutron detectors, personal dosimeter

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Gamma neutron detectors, personal dosimeter

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Beijing Rui Sen technology development limited China's regional sales: NeutronRAE II is a gamma-neutron detector capable of detecting both gamma and neutron source complex detectors. The apparatus of gamma and neutron sensors with sensor. NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detectors using Bluetooth (Bluetooth ®) technology-communication and sound, light and vibration alerts. NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detector with compact size, low price, features such as waterproof and shockproof and long battery life, and can be worn on a belt, helmet and pocket. Sensitive CsI and Lil shiny crystals can detect slightly higher than background levels of radioactivity. NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detector can detect low-energy neutrons and energy range 0.06-3.0 MeV gamma-ray issued by a variety of sources, including: nuclear weapons, nuclear plant materials, medical waste, and so on. It can not only be used for personal protection, but also can be used for localization of radioactive sources, especially for law enforcement agencies, customs and border patrol, and so on. NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detectors are national defense, public security, border control, customs and other relevant authorities fast detection of gamma rays and neutron source tools

A multiple alarm mode
NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detector is a high level of gamma and neutron detectors, sound and light alarm with loud and strong vibration alarm. Sound and vibration alarm can be opened, can only open one as needed.

Second, multiple detectors
Lithium iodide scintillation crystals for Neutron detection, NeutronRAE II gamma-neutron gauge to extend the test can detect gamma and neutron radiation. Compare with helium tube and the detector of neutrons, higher reliability, lower detection limit. In conjunction with the photodiode, neutron sensor is a tiny volume, ensure that the detector machine is very compact.

Third, waterproof
NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detectors meet IP67 waterproof, so it can be used in a damp environment.

Four fast response
Rapid response emergency rescue personnel requirements are met, LiI and CsI scintillator can in a very short period of time (less than 0.5 second) for rapid response to radioactive substances and alarm.

Five, cumulative dose
NeutronRAE II gamma gamma-ray doses of neutron detector can be cumulative since boot.

Six, wireless data communication
NeutronRAE gamma neutron detector II can use Bluetooth technology to send data in real time to a remote computer.

Seven, data acquisition
NeutronRAE II gamma neutron detector for gamma neutron detector data collection function, so users can track view-ray dose. Continuous data acquisition mode, the instrument will begin according to user-selected readings from startup interval sampling data and cumulative radiation dose. If the user selects the data collection mode, the instrument will be of 1 times per second data acquisition triggers the alarm 5 minutes after the interval.

Eight key features
1; High-intensity sound and light; Vibration alarm
2, waterproof design
3, n 42.32 ANSI standard
4, low price
5; High-sensitivity LiI and CsI scintillator composite of sensors; You can quickly search for gamma-ray and neutron particles
6, can flip the LCD screen
7; Bluetooth-Bluetooth ® technology; Data communication with external devices

IX specifications
1, model: NeutronRAE II
2, size: 125 x 68 x 35mm
3 weight: 260g
4, volume: 298ml
5, show: 30X20mm LCD display; 1800 reverse display; Dual displays cumulative dose and dose rate µ R/hr µ Sv
6, communications: Bluetooth-wireless data transmission in real time, change the instrument settings, and alarm signals are transmitted to a wireless headset-ideal for quiet and confidential environment.
7, ergonomic design: non-slip rubber casing easy to hold
8, alarm: 90dB (750px) loud alarm for noisy environment, built-in vibration alarm LCD flanked by high brightness LED lights alarm
9, back-lighting: automatically or manually switch
10, battery: 2AA alkaline batteries, optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery
11 battery replacement: open cover with a coin to replace or check the batteries
12, the battery working time: 500 hours (Bluetooth off, no alarm)
13, the gamma sensor: CsI (TI)
14, neutron sensors: LiI (Eu)
15, detector: photodiode
16, the gamma detection ability: meets ANSI standards
17, neutron detection capability: meets ANSI standards
18, the gamma-ray energy range: 0.06-3.0 MeV
19, the neutron energy range 0.025eV~14 MeV
20, gamma sensitivity: more than 1 CPS/µ R/hr (greater than 100 CPS/µ Sv/hr)
21, neutron sensitivity of thermal neutrons: ≥ 1.20cps/(n/cm2*s) for Pu-a-Be: ≥ 0.04cps/(n/cm2*s)
22, gamma dose equivalent rate (DER) range (measured in Cs 137): 1-4000 µ R/hr
23, and accuracy (measured in Cs 137): ± 30%
24, the daily calibration: power on automatically when the background value, alarm mode, users can compare the background.
25 customer calibration: do not.
26, factory calibration: do not need
27, operation keys: 2-button operation and programming
28, alarm setting: instrument sets or computer sets
29, alarm mode: two kinds of operation: absolute/relative value to search for; Turn on or off sound; Light; Internal vibration alarm automatic termination or cancellation mode
30, data acquisition (optional):) 30,000 (with time, date) continuous or alert sample
31, temperature:-4 ° ~122 ° f (-20 ° ~50 ° c)
32, humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH;
33, protection class: IP67

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